PRIZE DRAWING: Because The King Is Dead

Last year, to promote their new breakfast menu, Burger King released a television commercial that featured a pillowcase with their new breakfast menu on one side and The King’s face on the other. You can read more about the pillowcase here and here. That pillowcase was available for a short time and yours truly pulled out the plastic and purchased two of them.

When I received them several weeks later, I opened one and put it on my pillow. After five minutes of resting my head on it, I realized how stupid of an impulsive buy it was. First off, the pillowcase is white, so all the drooling I do while sleeping will easily stain it. Secondly, I can’t practice my kissing with this pillow because it’s as if I’m making out with The King. I could flip it over and practice kissing the other side with the breakfast menu, but to me it would feel like I’m kissing the back of The King’s neck. Thirdly, the pillowcases aren’t made using 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton.

Anyhoo, after putting them in the back of my dresser, I forgot about them. But I remembered I had them after learning about Burger King’s makeover and The King’s demise. Since one of the pillowcases is still in its original sealed packaging and I’m never going to open it, I thought I should give it away to a lucky Impulsive Buy reader.

To enter The Impulsive Buy’s Burger King Pillowcase Prize Drawing, leave a comment with THIS post. I don’t really care what you say in your comment, but please leave The King either a heartfelt goodbye or a heartless good riddance.

Please don’t forget to fill out the email field because I’ll be emailing the winner for his or her mailing address. The Impulsive Buy will stop accepting entries on Friday, June 10, 2011 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one entry allowed per person, and it’s open to everyone who’s 18 years old or older.

Good luck!

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you emails telling you to watch a YouTube video that you probably already saw months ago. The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you Sears Roebuck catalogs from the 1980s. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, or nightmares with the The King.

119 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING: Because The King Is Dead”

  1. Oh my baby jesus I need one of those…for my husband! Though that means I’ll then have to share the bed with that monstrosity? Yikes.

  2. This would be perfect because . . . I love waking up and scaring myself half to death. Gets the blood going.

  3. thats how I want to die. Opening a box with the severed head of a creepy ass monarch that’s kingdoms only cash export is also the form of biological warfare against the human race. So yes I want the pillow so I can recreate the final scene from Se7en

    1. Only on the inside from a massive attack by the king. Damn you bio warfare damn you!

  4. You were my friend’s favorite mascot…but I’m sorry to say you creeped me out. Don’t let the door hit you on your throne on the way out.

  5. Dear King,

    May your goblet of cherry coke overfloweth as you enter the flame broiled gates of fast food heaven. With Ronald McDonald and Dave Thomas at your side, the prophecy as read from the BK Nutrition Menu states that you will come again to this earth to judge the obese and fit, and the earth’s seas will turn into vats of fryer oil, while the skies will rain down french fries and onion rings. Heed the word, the menu does not lie

    RIP: The King

  6. Goodbye my King – Though I’d like to picture you in Eternal Happiness with the angels, I have a feeling you will be kicking it for eternity in a place where everything is flame broiled. Good for burgers, not so good for you. Guess you can’t have it your way after all. RIP.

  7. Dear creepy Burger King King- sorry to hear of your untimely passing. But it is time to pass the torch to a warmer, cuter, more cuddly, less frightening mascot so that children may rest well at night again.

  8. So long, King… You were one creepy dude, but not so creepy that I stayed away from the #11!

  9. Good ridence you creepy looking bastard, may the eternal fires of hell ignite and flame broil your royal highnass. You were no good for anyone, you gave me nightmares and I had to spend countless hours assuring my children that you were not going to sneak up on them in the middle of the night and expose to them your whopper.

  10. This would be perfect to creep out my wife, nothing like looking at your pillow and thinking you’re going to be raped at night!

  11. The Burger King once appeared in my dreams and made it into a nightmare. He was trying to kill me.

  12. Truly, the world was not ready for you King. May you find many souls to creep out in heaven

  13. This all makes the king mask i bought from Burger king a few years back useless and its unfortunate.

  14. awesome! another thing bk discontinued that was creepy, was the dirtiest-sounding sandwich name ever: the meatnormous sandwich. does anyone else remember this? it was a breakfast sandwich that, i believe, was popular when all of the fast food restaurants were doing all meat/no carbs stuff.

  15. Oh Burger King King. I never thought any mascot could scare me like those Duracell people, but you proved me wrong. You proved me wrong.

  16. Farewell, O king,
    even though we never met, I have heard tales of your greatness.

  17. ill succumb to the humiliation of making out with the king for this pillowcase!

  18. Good riddance to the waxed mustache. Good riddance to the beard that mates with the head hair. Good riddance (I hope) to really sucky BK fries.

    And if I don’t win, you *can* send me an old Sears catalog – I love those things! 70’s preferred because polyester twill is seriously funny stuff.

  19. Gots to have me a King pillow case! Funniest thing I remember about him was a couple of Christmas-es ago and they had a BK cologne for men and there was a really creepy commercial for it…what a ridiculous idea! (waaaay worse than the pillow case!)

  20. I am devastated to hear of the Kings passing.. I had no clue about this. The pillow case is about the most awesome things I have ever seen! I myself collect funky pillow cases and my bed is one big miss-matched okie loving nest! I would love this pillow case to add to my collection. You are one lucky bastard to have still in the package!!

  21. Goodbye, to the King! I know a couple of friends who would enjoy having you on your pillow, and I’m definately not one of them. But, your mini hashbrowns rock and your breakfast stuff rocks.


  22. The King was really creepy, and he made me want to STAY AWAY from Burger King…

  23. Oh, this is a beautiful thing – the chance to spend the night with The King! *crosses fingers*

  24. The King was an interesting marketing move, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!

  25. Goodbye King. Your commercials were entertaining but did nothing to make me want to eat at Burger King. I hope you find work in the PSA field where you can warn children about the dangers of mascots and other costumed entities.

  26. personally, i never was a huge fan of bk, i always thought their food was a bit of every other resturant all on one menu, just not as good as the original. Still, i always recognised them by the king, so it stinks hes being let go

  27. i’m not going to lie i am not too bothered about the passing of the fictional yet delicious king…
    i want this pillowcase though man

  28. The King is dead! Long live the….Asian chicken salad with baby edamame?

    Screw that. I hope Colonel Sanders stages a coup and deep fries up some Whoppers.

  29. My brother has a Ronald Mcdonald bedspread and a Wendy’s poster on his wall behind his bed. Needless to say, this would complete the fast food trifecta!

  30. They got rid of the King?


  31. I always thought the King was really creepy… so obviously I want a pillow with his face on it!

    Also: every time any family member of mine has eating at BK, they have gotten food poisoning. Including me.

  32. Dear King in whatever heaven mascots go to,
    You will be truly missed. Watching you on televsion bring joy to millions telling them about the food that your restaurant served was truly a joy to behold. May you rest in hamburger heaven forever. Amen!!

  33. Dear King,

    You were simultaneously the most brilliant and most creepy marketing ploy the world has ever known. Or at least that Americans who eat Burger King have ever known.

    Now I would like a pillowcase with your face on it so you can creep me out in my dreams.


  34. Sweet, sweet King. Hopefully one day I may see you again. Until then, perhaps I can still see you in my dreams. And when I wake up.

  35. This is like the “Twilight” of pillowcases. The king just likes to watch you sleep…

  36. The King is not dead. “He’s Alive! He’s Alive and I’m Forgiven, Heaven’s gates are open wide! He’s Alive!” =)

  37. Farewell King. You will be missed. I will never forget that collection of awesome video games that were released at BK. I loved the Sneak King one because there is no greater thrill than sneaking up on people in a creepy manner so as to give them a burger. 🙂

  38. oh, my sister is leaving for europe in a few weeks… how awesome would this be overseas? you’d never get homesick!

  39. THAT IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I would love it. RIP KING, but I miss Dr. Angus more.

  40. This would be perfect for scaring house guests. There has to be an evil way to let someone get in bed with the King without realizing, maybe covering part with a throw pillow or stuffed animal, so when they remove it they are scared out of their minds. I need this.

  41. Always thought the guy was a creeper, but an awesome creeper. Him and his stalkish ways will be missed.

  42. Goodbye King. You freaked me out at times, especially when one Halloween I opened the door and there was this kid dressed as you, but you were more interesting than Wendy.

  43. The king was always creepy with a capital C. But I would kill to have this being in my closet in my arsenal of conversation starters.

  44. Knock knock.
    Who’s there.
    The King.
    The King’s Speech?
    No, The BK King. I’m here to force feed you burgers, who cares if you’re a vegetarian? Muahahahaha
    (I run away screaming)


    I’m glad this ad campaign is through. The King was creepy.

    The new menu items sound ok but they should consider adding sweet potato fries.

    I want that pillow case to rest my sweet head on.

  45. I like that, should I ever hump a girl again, the King will basically be licking her ear for me. How cool is that?

  46. As a British female, I am only vaguely aware of “the King” but as a lover of all things cheap or free, I would wholeheartedly accept this terrifying pillow case in to my home.

  47. Truly the most terrifying market branding for a major player. What could have their execs have been thinking/smoking/drinking to approve this??? But I would still love to have the pillowcase!!!

  48. Dear King,

    I will miss you. You inspired one of the greatest Halloween costumes ever. My freshmen year of college was when you were at your career peak and one of my friends bought a mask of your face and wore it with a cape. He wore it to the big frat party and creeped into the background of multiple pictures. Sadly, new generations of college students won’t be able to be inspired by your greatness. I predict no one will be dressing up as a BK chicken nugget this fall.

  49. I actually had a little stuffed King Pillow when I was a kid. The animated fellow. I miss him. Good bye to the creepiest fast food mascot since Grimace…

  50. I will miss The King, his cold, dead eyes, and his frozen, crazy grin.

    I’ll look forwards to his Jack-like revival in 10 years…..

  51. Oddly, I JUST played the XBox King Sneek game from Burger King. It was terrible. I, for one, would like to take my frustration out on a wonderful BK King pillow. 😉

  52. Since I don’t sleep well at all, my wife would rather I chat with “The King” in the middle of the night!

  53. THE GODDAMN KING. You know when your advertising persona makes it to $4 Xbox games sold at a fast food joint, that you’re a sell-out. The amount that I will miss him is roughly the amount of respect I have for Rebecca Black and her awful “Friday” song.

  54. I wonder how many people are dry-humping this pillow right now. I mean, I’m not.. yet.

  55. I’ve never felt a desire to do porn, but just give me the pillow so that I can physically say goodbye to the King in a most indelicate way and I’ll do it. On camera. For money.

    Please help me pay rent next month!

    This economy is hard on us raccoons.

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