ANNOUNCEMENT: Creepy BK Pillowcase Winner!!!

Someday, the creepy BK pillowcase featuring The King I’m about to give away will be valuable. Probably not tomorrow. Probably not next year. Probably not a decade from now. But the creepy BK pillowcase will be valuable when the robots take over the Earth because it will make a wonderful sack for gathering food while trying to avoid being detected by well-armed robots.

But that’s not for a long time, so the winner of the BK pillowcase will have to decide whether to keep it as a collectable and later sell it on eBay for tens of dollars, use it to cover a pillow, or turn it into a sack to help feed the survivors of the future great robot war.

And the person who will have to make that decision when they win this creepy BK pillowcase is:


Congratulations to Mir, who was selected using an online random number generator (who will probably be General Online Random Number Generator during the great robot war).

Also, thank you to everyone who participated. I hope to have another prize drawing soon.

One thought to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Creepy BK Pillowcase Winner!!!”

  1. It was an honor just to be nominated. Wait! I mean I am already scheming which child to foist this monstrosity upon, heheheh….

    Thanks, Marvo!

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