NEWS: McDonald’s Testing Zesty BBQ Cruncher, Gives You The Option Of Which Farm Animal To Eat


Earlier this month, we mentioned McDonald’s was testing their English Pub Burger, but it appears McDonald’s R&D has been hard at work developing more burgers with their Angus Third Pounder patty. The latest to come from their test kitchen and into an extremely limited number of McDonald’s locations is their Zesty BBQ Cruncher.

What’s most interesting about this sandwich is the fact that it’s available with either an Angus Third Pounder patty or a chicken patty (crispy or grilled). It also comes with peppered bacon, barbecue sauce, Pepper Jack cheese, and crispy onion strings in between an artisan roll.

The crispy onion strings are a nice addition, but they also make me wish McDonald’s offered onion rings. Instead, I have to settle for Burger King’s poor excuse for onion rings.

If you happen to try the McDonald’s Zesty BBQ Cruncher, let us know how it was in the comments.

Source: Burger Business

6 thoughts to “NEWS: McDonald’s Testing Zesty BBQ Cruncher, Gives You The Option Of Which Farm Animal To Eat”

  1. Just tried a grilled chicken cruncher, in Marengo, IL.

    It was good overall. The BBQ sauce was definitely a nice mix of tang and spice, but the burger alone was a bit over $4.00. Waaaay too gourmet for what I’m looking for in a McD’s burger, that’s for sure.

    At that price, I wouldn’t get it again. If it were $2.99, then I’d consider it again. I can’t imagine that my opinion would change much with either the Angus patty or the crispy chicken

  2. McDonald’s keeps pumping out sub-par items that aren’t cheap because they label them as premium items which causes everything else on the menu to go up in price. I wonder how cheap McDonald’s would be if they stuck to a more basic menu.

  3. I’m eating a crispy chicken one right now (tried it on a whim because I saw it advertised as I was getting a McGriddle this morning)… I Googled it just so I could tell someone how freakin’ good it is. Pricey, yes. But this sandwich is awesome. I truly hope they make this a permanent menu item, so I can make it my regular McDonalds order.

  4. Just tried the Angus one yesterday – they have them in the tiny town of Marengo, IL.

    I have to say, I really liked it regardless of price.

    Something about the onions, pickle and BBQ sauce that still hinted of McRib. Sigh…

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