NEWS: MiO Energy Allows You To Add A Little Or A Lot of Flavor and Caffeine To Your Water

Update: Click here to read our MiO Energy review

While attending the National Association of Convenience Stores, our pal Steve over at BevReview was able to taste test the upcoming MiO Energy liquid water enhancer. The product will expand the MiO line beyond the original four non-caffeinated MiO flavors.

So get ready to GET XTREME with MiO!!! Or, at least, stay awake at work with MiO.

Like many energy products, MiO Energy contains caffeine and vitamins B3, B6, and B12, although, I don’t know know how much caffeine or B vitamins a serving will provide. MiO Energy will come in two flavors Green Thunder and Black Cherry.

According to the images over at BevReview, MiO Energy comes in 1.08 fluid ounce squeeze bottles and will make 12 8-ounce servings. The original MiO flavors come in 1.62 ounce bottles and makes 24 8-ounce servings. Another difference between the two, while the regular MiO come in grey bottles, MiO Energy come in black bottles.

While doing a little Google digging on MiO Energy, I happen to have discovered MiO will also be releasing a new flavor regular MiO flavor — Orange Tangerine.

MiO Energy will be available in early December.

7 thoughts to “NEWS: MiO Energy Allows You To Add A Little Or A Lot of Flavor and Caffeine To Your Water”

  1. Mio is kinda cool. Plus it’s handy to have one around in case you don’t have any mixer for your cheap vodka. Those single-serve Crystal Lights serve the purpose well too.

  2. I think they should come out with unflavored caffeine drops. Want to caffeinate you milk? Want your morning glass of orange juice to pack a punch? Want your morning coffee to really slap you around? Mio makes it happen! Yeah, I know they sell caffiene shots in some stations and whatnot. But I think those are flavored, and even if not, you can’t really control the amount you get with any precision.

    New uncaffienated flavor? Cherry limeade, please.

  3. I actually like the taste of Mi0 but for some reason 3.99 seems a bit much.

    I can’t wait to try this I love a good caffeine boost !

  4. You meam green thunder and cherry? Ive tried the greeen thunder and WoW that thing made full as an elephant! Not just it fizzez and sparked me up a bit… Though I have a suggestuon for MiO if you want the price to be 3 -4 $ then how about doubling the bottle size from 162 FL oz (48ml) to 324 FL oz (96ml) either that or keep the bottle size the same but change the price to about 2 – 3$. But then again well just have see how many people by the product and the future of MiO…………….

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