NEWS: Jamba Juice Apple Cinnamon Cheer May Give You Holiday Joy, But Not Like A New iPad Can

Update: Click here to read our Jamba Juice Apple Cinnamon Cheer review

Beginning November 15, Jamba Juice will be offering a new holiday smoothie for a limited time — Apple Cinnamon Cheer.

If there’s one flavor Jamba Juice seems to really like it’s apple cinnamon. Other apple cinnamon products on Jamba’s menu include Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Apple Cinnamon Pretzel, and Awesome Apple Cinnamon Whirl’ns frozen yogurt.

According to the Jamba Juice press release:

The new Apple Cinnamon Cheer smoothie continues Jamba’s tradition of bringing you healthy holiday cheer in a cup. This limited time creamy treat is delicious and provides a healthy alternative to the common indulgences this time of year with two servings of fruit (in an original size), a good source of vitamin C, 0g trans fat and no artificial preservatives.

I’m pretty sure the amount of holiday cheer the Apple Cinnamon Cheer smoothie brings doesn’t come close to the cheer a 50″ HDTV or a new puppy with a big red bow around its neck brings. I’ve never seen anyone smile while hugging a smoothie, but I have seen people smile while hugging a flat-screen TV.

2 thoughts to “NEWS: Jamba Juice Apple Cinnamon Cheer May Give You Holiday Joy, But Not Like A New iPad Can”

  1. I demand you or one of your crack staff review this. I missed the Pumpkin Smash and don’t know if I should try this or not unless one of you tells me about it first.

    1. What? They don’t have Pumpkin Smash anymore!?! This Apple Cinnamon smoothie better bring me some cheer to replace the void in my heart now that Pumpkin Smash is gone.

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