NEWS: Wendy’s To Add ‘The W’ Cheeseburger Line Weally Soon

Several weeks ago, Wendy’s introduced nationwide their Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy Cheeseburgers, but it looks like Wendy’s isn’t done with releasing new products this year.

In late November, Wendy’s will introduce a mid-priced cheeseburger line called “The W.” Once they’re available, they’ll make it possible to eat The W while listening to The W at The W. The new line of cheeseburgers will be priced at $2.99 and will squeeze in between the premium Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy burgers and the products on the 99¢ Everyday Value Menu, like the Cheeseburger Deluxe.

The W Cheeseburgers will have two 2.25-ounce beef patties. According to Burger Business, the new line appears to be what Wendy’s has been testing in select markets under the D.T. Doubles name.

Grub Grade posted something about the D.T. Doubles a few months ago. According to that post the varieties we could be looking at when The W is released are Original (American cheese and a signature sauce), Spicy Chipotle (pepper jack cheese and fiery chipotle sauce), and Garlic Steakhouse (monterey jack cheese and aioli sauce).

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  1. I’m extremely disappointed you’re at “the W” didn’t link to the Wikipedia page for the W hotel chain.

  2. I saw these yesterday at my local Wendy’s (Fairmont, WV) but didn’t try them. It looked aight.

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