REVIEW: Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack

Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack

You know how you’re not supposed to play with food? Well, how the hell can I contain myself from playing with the Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack? Its flatness makes me want to bust out my die-cast toy planes and turn it into an aircraft carrier called the USS TSS (Triple Steak Stack). Also, because it’s flat and has a light exterior, I want to pretend its Barbie’s waif Russian supermodel friend, Katherina, who likes to go shopping with Barbie during the day, but is a secret KGB spy at night.

The list of ingredients for Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack isn’t very long, although, because I feel sorry for its lack of ingredients, I’m going to try to make it look longer than it really is by using the power of unnecessary words. The Triple Steak Stack contains a triple serving of marinated steak and a triple cheese blend of low moisture part skim mozzarella cheese, pasteurized process Monterey Jack cheese, and American cheese in between a nine-inch bolillo flatbread.

With a limited number of ingredients, I expected Taco Bell’s newest addition to be bland, and it turns out I was correct. Taco Bell’s “improved” steak may be an upgrade over what they used to serve, but it still tastes like cheap meat. How cheap? It tastes like the roast beef and gravy from a 99 cent frozen meal. However, that cheap meat was tender and the triple serving of steak was enough to nicely fill the nine-inch flatbread.

Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack Innards

The cheese just lies there like its Jabba the Hut after being choked by Princess Leia and it adds almost nothing to the Triple Steak Stack’s flavor. Speaking of things that don’t have much flavor, the bolillo flatbread was not only quite bland, it was also not sturdy enough to handle the amount of steak in it. The soft, but thick flatbread easily felt apart while I ate it.

If you’re going to eat the Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack, might I suggest asking for extra Taco Bell sauce packets on top of the handful they already give you, because you’re going to need a lot of sauce to cover the taste of the cheap meat and to spread across the nine-inch flatbread. I’d also suggest taking more money than you usually do when visiting Taco Bell. Five bucks will usually get you a full Taco Bell meal, but that same five dollars will get you only one Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack.

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(Nutrition Facts – 690 calories, 120 calories from fat, 20 grams of fat, 13 grams of saturated fat, 0.5 grams of trans fat, 90 milligrams of cholesterol, 1,950 milligrams of sodium, 59 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of fiber, 12 grams of sugar, and 46 grams of protein.)

Item: Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack
Price: $6.49 ($4.99 at most locations)
Purchased at: Taco Bell
Rating: 5 out of 10
Pros: It’s long. Lots of tender marinated steak. Awesome source of protein. Makes me want to play with my food.
Cons: Bland. Pricey. Steak tastes cheap. Cheese and flatbread bring very little flavor. Going to need a lot of Taco Bell sauce packets to give it some flavor. Flatbread not sturdy enough to handle the steak in it.

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  1. Only nine inches (that’s what she said)! The commercial makes it seem like this thing is a foot and a half long and no mere mortal can handle it. Sweet advertising Taco Bell.

    I’m not surprised that this was so boring though. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that 98% of Taco Bell’s food is bland and boring. The only way to make it decent is to load it with all sorts of sauces and when that is a requirement, it usually means your food isn’t very good.

  2. Not so sure I can even attempt this, I’m not the biggest fan of Taco Bell anyway there are better, more flavorful choices available… I think this could be good with better ingredients and the proper attention to detail…although this is Taco Bell we are talking about.

  3. my bro, who is an avid tbell LOVER, got this and wasn’t a fan at all. i was slightly disappointed from all the hype, and I got it for him expecting a “your the best sister ever!!! (I know I am…)” and he was like… uhhhhh this is bad. oh well 🙁

    I usually stay away from TBell. except the cinnamon twists. mmm!

  4. This sandwich was straight garbage. Buy the time u unwrap it, it looks nothing like the advertisement. The flatbread is soggy from it being steamed in the alumium foil its wrapped in. The steak is bland. And $6 for a combo meal (the sandwich and a soda) its not worth. I’ll stick with my chalupa combo meal. Ugh!!!!

  5. I tried the triple steak stack for the first time last night. I can whole-heartedly agree with this review. After seeing the steak advertised on television right about meal time, I ran down to Taco Bell and promptly ordered one. The first shocker was the $4.99 price tag, but I reasoned that they can charge that because it must really be good! Wrong!! I would have been somewhat forgiving if it cost a dollar, but I was totally insulted to pay $5 for this piece of garbage. Like stated above, everything was ingloriously bland; the flat bread fell apart. The portion of meat was overwhelmed by the flat bread. The picture shows meat holding the bread open and almost spilling out the side. In actuality, the bread folded completely over the sparse serving of meat with plenty of bread margin surrounding the meat on all sides. They ought to be sued for the most blatant false advertisement of the 21st century. After applying six-eight packets of taco sauce to try to find some flavor – any flavor – I finished off the pitiful object I was still hungry. I went swiftly down to Jimmie Johns for the largest Italian sandwich they make. I might as well have eaten my five dollar bill with taco sauce. It would have been just as appetizing. As for the poorly named “triple steak stack”, I will never eat one again even if they are giving them away for free.

  6. I just had one of these in San Mateo, CA. The steak was really good. Other than that, epic phail. When I opened the wrapper, the steak juice had gone everywhere, rendering the bread into a 9″ stretch of unmanageable starchy mess. I had to work this thing with fire sauce to get through it. The unending texture was almost unbearable, but I wasn’t going to waste my $5 by throwing it out.


    P.S. Did you have to diss Jabba? At least he was strangled by a hot chick. I’d pay money for that.

  7. I’d gotten SO much wiser, but as you stated the ad got to me. Steak was, as you stated, not tough. But I’m not sure it’s really meat. meat tastes tenderized with baking powder, & “velveted” like I know chinese restaurants do, with pretty much same result. Tender meat, no flavor, requires LOTS of sauce. My wrap stayed together, but the greassy runny SALTY bland mass didn’t hit the spot. Taco bell still has good tacos. Good thing is since they’ve gotten more salt, less flavor (I still MISS the green onions). I’ve lost weight, saved money, and crave them even less. I’m a once a month MAYBE, down from 2/3 times a week.

  8. I tried this disaster last night for my dinner. SALT that’s all you taste. It was like a textured human salt lick. Waste of money and messy.

  9. I got one of these, the first couple bites were just bland. The third bite was a big glop of cheese or something, and when I swallowed it coated my throat with some kind of oily residue. I very nearly puked right there. I got up and started to the bathroom to vomit, but I thought I might be better off just going outside. Luckily outside I was able to get a handle on my stomach.
    Anyway, that was the first time my stomach has just outright rejected something in the middle of eating it. The rest of that thing went to my chickens. They liked it. $5 is a bit pricey for chicken feed though.

  10. I’m not sure what the deal with my local taco bell is, but every time I ordered a triple steak stack it was delicious. It wasn’t greasy, the flatbread was still hard, I didn’t taste salt, and my sandwich never fell apart. I’m sad that it’s no longer available on the menu 🙁

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