NEWS: Taco Bell To Debut Upgraded Tacos Next Year As Part Of Their Chef’s Signature Menu

Coming soon Taco Bell

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, Taco Bell has big plans for 2012.

I was hoping they would bring back the Yo Quiero Taco Bell Chihuahua, but instead they’re finally doing the national roll out of the Doritos Locos Taco, offering breakfast at locations in the West, and introducing a lineup of upgraded tacos and other menu items called Chef’s Signature.

To help develop the Chef’s Signature line, Taco Bell brought in Miami-based chef Lorena Garcia as a consultant, who doesn’t have a show on the Food Network, so I don’t know who she is. Garcia also helped the chain improve many of its ingredients, like marinades and seasonings. The Taco Bell Chef’s Signature lineup will debut sometime next year.

As for breakfast, Taco Bell plans to roll out its morning menu to 800 locations in the West early next year. The breakfast menu will be called…yup, you guessed it, the First Meal.

Source: NRN

8 thoughts to “NEWS: Taco Bell To Debut Upgraded Tacos Next Year As Part Of Their Chef’s Signature Menu”

  1. Sadly, the Yo Quiero Taco Bell Chihuahua, whose name was Gidget, has passed on to the great dog park in the sky. It just wouldn’t be right to have someone else take her place.

  2. I think Lorena Garcia was one of the people on that craptacular show on NBC about opening a restaurant. And that restaurant tanked. So clearly Taco Bell is the perfect place for her.

    If I’m misremembering, disregard. =)

  3. @Clevegal42: That’s affirmative. Lorena Garcia was one of the “investors” on America’s Next Great Restaurant. There was nothing great about it though as it closed after about six minutes of being open.

  4. If they bring the breakfast menu up to Alaska, I’m totally trying it. I assume it’ll be a lot of breakfast burritos..I wonder what kind of meat they’ll be using.

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