NEWS: McDonald’s Japan Tries To Encapsulate The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Broadway, and Beverly Hills With Their 2012 Big America Burgers

Big America Grand Canyon Burger

Thank goodness for the creative minds in Japan who come up with their limited time only fast food menu items, and thank goodness for the creative minds at Google who came up with Google Translate so I can read about the latest fast food items in Japan.

Here’s how Google translated the descriptions for the 2012 lineup of McDonald’s Japan’s Big America Burgers.

Distinctive “Grand Canyon Burger” is filling beef and steak Patti overlap. Vans and the image of a three-stage rock of Grand Canyon World Heritage Sites in the western United States, strata, cheese, two types of color difference (cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese), eggs, beef towering Patti, is a dish of punch marks. Decisive source of steak taste, feel and flavor combination of onion ingredients, soy sauce, smoke flavor, and the Japanese steak favorite flavor was finished.

“Las Vegas Burger” was expressed by a rich combination of beef slices and beef Patty, the glittering city of the United States gorgeous, a luxury. To 1/4 pound Beef Patty McDonald’s beef is 100% proud, put the beef and onion in spicy seasoned, was entwined luxuriously rich cream cheese sauce. Reminiscent of a fine dinner in Las Vegas, is the taste of rich flavor.

“Broadway Burger” with bacon and impressive about protrude, exciting harmony of cream cheese sauce. Colorful vegetables, including color, a combination of cream cheese and a rich source of sticking to pastrami bacon, mustard sauce that complements the unique material, I expressed the streets of musical talent from all over the world gather various.

“Beverly Hills Burger” enjoy meeting and cheerful avocado, rich source of Caesar. We have developed the concept of California there is a Beverly Hills home of the “Caesar Salad”. Fresh lettuce and onion taste favor, and is characterized by succulent beef. Avocado and McDonald’s as a product source you want to use for the first time, is expressed in the Caesar salad dish a rich source, the image of an exclusive residential district of longing class celebrities.

The first 2012 Big America Burger released was the Grand Canyon Burger on January 4th. Next was the Las Vegas Burger on January 27th. The Broadway Burger was released on February 17th. As for the Beverly Hills Burger, it will be released sometime this month.

The only nutritional information I could find was for the Broadway Burger, which has 585 kilocalories, 31.5 grams of protein, 36.8 grams of fat, 32.1 grams of carbs, and a whopping 3 grams of salt (3,000 milligrams).

But the Big America Burgers aren’t the only new burgers on McDonald’s Japan’s menu. Today, the company introduced their Lettuce & Pepper Burger. The Google translated description is below:

“Lettuce & Pepper Burger” is 100% Beef Patty-producing New Zealand from Australia juicy was baked Kobashiku, is a dish to enjoy harmony exquisite by Caesar source of sticking to the secret ingredient of pepper is heard and lettuce, crunchy.

The Big America and Lettuce & Pepper Burgers are available for a limited time at McDonald’s Japan locations.

[via Foodbeast]

Image via flickr user Dick Thomas Johnson / CC BY 2.0

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  1. My husband tried a few of the predecessors to these and was less than impressed. They’re usually a regular burger with one lame ingredient that makes it somehow representative of some part of America, but it’s one of those un-American American things. It’s America, but only to the Japanese.

    1. Marvo, I think it’s contest time. Let’s see who can come up with the best “Big America Burger” complete with Japanese translated-ish description.

        1. It’d come from a cow, but you wouldn’t want to eat it “Taste the fresh grains!”

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