NEWS: Limited Edition Ice Cream Oreo Rainbow Shure, Bert! Hits Store Shelves


Update: Click here to read our Limited Edition Ice Cream Oreo Rainbow Shure, Bert! review

A few weeks ago, TIB Twitter follower KingRhino let us know about a new raspberry sherbet Oreo variety, but didn’t tell us the name of the product. But thanks to TIB Twitter follower @NickL3git, who snapped the photo above at a Walmart Super Center, we now know it’s called, Limited Edition Ice Cream Oreo Rainbow Shure, Bert!

The cookie that’s not named after a wonderful microphone company and Ernie’s uni-browed roommate, combines Golden Oreo cookies with a rainbow raspberry and lime creme.

KingRhino also told us Limited Edition Creamsicle Oreo cookies are coming back. They were a Walmart-exclusive when they first came out, but we’re not sure if that’s the case this time around.

If you happen to get your hands on Limited Edition Ice Cream Oreo Rainbow Shure, Bert!, let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

Photo courtesy of @NickL3git.

26 thoughts to “NEWS: Limited Edition Ice Cream Oreo Rainbow Shure, Bert! Hits Store Shelves”

  1. I liked these. They are in my opinion too sweet, like the creamsicle oreos, but I enjoyed them anyway. They did taste like raspberry/lime sherbet, but the taste was not as strong as real sherbet. They were worth the $2.98 that I paid for them, and I’ll buy another bag or two before they’re no longer available. Hopefully they will come back like the creamsicle oreos.

  2. Not my thing. Never seen an 8yo boy not finish a cookie. But, the 10yo girl liked them enough to eat after her brother, which also never happens. I might buy her some…

  3. Found them at Wally World, and they even made it home! Very, very strong smell of sherbert, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The raspberry/lime filling seemed to be slightly softer than the normal Oreo creme. Yes, they were definitely sweeter than the normal Oreo. Matter of fact, that may be the only reason the bag lasted an entire three days. I could easily demolish a bag of Golden Oreos in one sitting without a twinge of guilt, but these needed to be spaced out. Would I buy them again? Does the bag say Oreo on it? Ummm, yup.

  4. I saw these at Wal-Mart and for some reason I just had to try them. I typically don’t like Oreos, aside from the regular ones. I have to tell you, I was shocked at how good these are. I’ve almost cleared out half the pack already. They are definitely sweeter, but the flavor is just amazing. It really does remind me of sherbet. Very unique flavor for a cookie. Unfortunately, I’m hooked now. I better stock up before they go away!

  5. Absolutely disgusting, felt like I was eating artificial sorbet that someone took and put the cookie on (I know its artificial but it was just too gross). I couldn’t even finish one cookie and I am a huge fan of oreos. Just stick to the regular creme please

    1. Absolutely agree – these were so disgusting that I just had to find a place to vent. I also ate only one, and had to choke it down to finish it. It doesn’t have anything to do with being an “Oreo purist” – I LOVED the Dreamsicle ones that were out last year. But these “Shure Bert” Ice Cream ones are just gag-inducing.

  6. These are the best oreo’s ever made … I hope it a permanent flavor

  7. Have you heard of anyone finding these at somewhere besides WalMart? I try to avoid shopping there heh.

  8. They were delish!! Very surprising. Shocked to see them when I passed by them in Wal-Mart — had to try them!!

  9. When frozen they taste just like real sherbet! I couldn’t eat them at room temperature but I stuck them in the freezer and they’re fantastic.

  10. My son and I love them. We just put some in the freezer to see how they taste cold!

  11. LOVEEEEE them, so good! First one was strange but after another one I fell in love.

  12. I didn’t like them much at first, even though I love rainbow sherbet, but they grew on me really fast and now I love them.

  13. These are to die for. They are so awesome. I can’t have regular oreo’s since I am alergic to chocolate, which is just horrible.

  14. Not liking these, smell a little like sherbert, taste is artifical, couldn’t finish 1 and they wound up in the bin. Too bad as i like oreo’s and like different flavors (found some really different ones n the middle east), but these, yuk

  15. Don’t care much for Oreos and these aren’t any better, in fact they aren’t very good at all. They missed the boat with the logo. Should have called them “Shure Bet”…taken from the correct way to pronounce sherbet.

  16. got a package last night, my coworkers and i were intrigued but it leaves a strange aftertaste, definately not as bad as the cancy corn oreos but i wouldn’t buy another package. will be looking for the watermelon oreos next which is originally what i thought i was getting

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