NEWS: McDonald’s Cherry Berry Chiller Is Pretty Much a Cherry Berry Slushie

Update: Click here to read our McDonald’s Cherry Berry Chiller review

According to an AP report, in the coming weeks, McDonald’s is set to release nationwide their Cherry Berry Chiller. The cherry and raspberry-flavored beverage combines 100 percent fruit juice with ice, which is blended to create a slushie.

Oh, I feel sorry for the McDonald’s blenders. Before, it was just their smoothies and Frappé, but then they added their frozen lemonade, and now this Cherry Berry Chiller.

According to the internets, the Cherry Berry Chiller has been tested in limited markets since last year. McDonald’s already has a page set up for it on their website. (WARNING: Slightly annoying repetitive booty shaking music.)

If you’ve given the Cherry Berry Chiller a try, let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

22 thoughts to “NEWS: McDonald’s Cherry Berry Chiller Is Pretty Much a Cherry Berry Slushie”

  1. I had one of these last Tuesday when I saw it at my local McDonald’s. It is very good, and basically tastes exactly how you’d expect. It’s pretty refreshing and not too syrupy too.

  2. i never get slushies. i always feel ripped off thinking about how much they charge for a cup of ice and syrup. especially when they don’t put enough syrup. le sigh.

  3. I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned the new “premium” strawberry pie. The filling is half strawberry and half “cream” though the opening in the top only shows the strawberry. And the crust is sugar cookie.

    And it’s 89¢. And the cashier tried to upsell one to the customer in front of me. Since when did fast food restaurants start upselling? Annoying.

    1. These Strawberry Creme pies are so Addictive! If you love Cheesecake at all, you’ll LOVE the burst of flavor in these pies. The crust is crispy and delicious!!! Hope they sell them Forever!!!!

  4. Pretty sure I tried it a few months ago because i had a coupon to get it free with a sandwich. It was okay, but I didn’t get it again. I’m generally not a fan of fast food smoothies, i usually find them too sweet and unhealthy tasting. In a smoothie, I want a healthy beverage most of the time, but fast food smoothies are so sweet and yet not dessert-like IMO.
    Anyway, i kind of thought it was like a slushie as well. Basically like a store-brand cherry/ berry/ generic fruits juice slushie. Juicy Juice! Yeah, that. You’d be just as well off blending up some cherry Juicy Juice with ice.

  5. Just tried this yesterday. Didn’t even know it existed till I walked in to get a burger & saw the picture on the wall. And I loved it. “Yummy”! 🙂

  6. Honestly, I love it. I got one at lunch today and I got another on my way home. It’s seriously good and maybe I was just in the mood of a little extra cold treat but I will definitely be getting it again in the future!

  7. Good stuff, like a cherry smoothie minus the yogurt, lots of cherry/raspberry flavor – highly recommend

  8. Im sipping my Cherry Berry Chiller now. I love it!!
    Being severe lactose intollerant I love that I can
    have this! and yeah, it’s not syrupy..

  9. Had a Cherry/Berry Chiller this weekend, it was delicious!
    Now they if they come out with a peach Chiller, I will be a
    happy camper!

  10. I’m drinking a Cherry Berry Chiller right now and I haven’t decided if I like it or not. It’s cold and refreshing but a little too sicky sweet for my tastes. Like drinking a melted popsicle… It also tastes like syrup to me, but it’s not thick with syrup. Probably all ties back to the sicky sweetness. I prefer McDonald’s smoothies. Those are yum! Don’t know if I’ll buy this again.

  11. Oh, I love this Cherry Berry Chiller, I’ve had 4 in the last 5 days, small ones, there are delicious, way to go McDonald’s, great for summer when it really gets hot, I’m on a calorie intake, how many calories are in the small ones???? Please keep these, awesome :))

  12. The smooties….leave powder tast n mouth..kinda gooey and not smooth….uggg….taste like old yogurt that’s been melted down….make my 100% juice fruit at home….

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