PRIZE DRAWING: Because Financial Aid To Purchase Stuff From Whole Foods Doesn’t Exist

Whole Foods - Cupertino

Have you ever wanted to purchase beef from Whole Foods from cows that were grass fed and given shiatsu massages every day, but didn’t want to pay the price for it? Well, we at The Impulsive Buy might be able to help you, if you win the $25 Whole Foods gift card we’re giving away this month.

To enter The Impulsive Buy’s Whole Foods gift card drawing, leave a comment with THIS post. I don’t care what you say in your comment, but it would be awesome if your comment included a term you would likely see on a product you can buy at Whole Foods. Here’s an example: If I win this gift card, I’ll hug a free-range chicken.

Please don’t forget to fill out the email field because I’ll be emailing the winner for his or her mailing address. The Impulsive Buy will stop accepting entries on Monday, April 30, 2012 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one comment allowed per person, and it’s only open to U.S. residents who are at least 18 years old.

For those of you who have a Twitter account, you can get an additional entry by tweeting the following by Monday, April 30, 2012 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time:

@theimpulsivebuy Organic. Yes. Grass fed. Yes. Kombucha. Yes. GMO-free. Yes. Hormone free. Yes. @WholeFoods BINGO!

So just copy, paste, and tweet. Only one tweet per Twitter account.

Good luck!

Fine Print: Whole Foods is not affiliated with this prize drawing. The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you emails about Whole Foods. The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you Goodwill donation flyers. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, your Toyota Prius not getting 50 MPG, or your Nissan Leaf running out of juice.

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197 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING: Because Financial Aid To Purchase Stuff From Whole Foods Doesn’t Exist”

  1. I will scoop up handfuls of long-grain, free range, non GMO rice and cart them home in a large, spacious, biospa so that no plant-based panic fills their aerial roots.

    1. If I win, I will buy a POUND of Parmigano Reginanno (sp?)..i usually only can afford 1/16th of a pound..;-)

  2. If I win the giftcard, I will so be buying me $25 worth of Kettle Krinkle Cut Potato Chips!

  3. With $25, I could at least make a tiny dent in the Asian food aisle…wasabi seaweed, ponzu and furikake…oh my!

  4. I’m afraid to go into Whole Foods because of the nickname “Whole Wallet” but I’d love to see what free range chicken is like. As long as the chickens are free-ranging through the store, that would be scary.

  5. I could purchase all kinds of all-natural, organic, non-GMO, sustainable, free-range junk food that is also made with whole grains!

    Or some artisan gourmet marshmallows.

    Or, like Justin said, I could buy Sir Kensington’s ketchup. I’ve never tried it and it’s supposed to be really good.

    Seriously though, in the city where I live we are finally getting our first Whole Foods store, so it would be awesome to win this.

  6. Hooray for gift cards and giveaways! I <3 LOVE <3 Whole Foods and would buy some faux "meat" they have there that i do adore and also something vegan from their awesome deli! I hope I win! I hope I win!

  7. If I win this gift card, I will go to Whole Foods and engage in even louder, more annoying conversations to drown out yuppies who are going on and on and on about how gluten-free products have changed their lives.

  8. With $25 for Whole Foods, I’d buy something I could get at Whole Foods. (I’ve never been there even though there’s one just down the street.)

  9. Ooh! With $25, I would go crazy in the bulk bins grabbing all those expensive nuts, grains, and baking items. Thanks!

  10. I need to get some organic eucalyptus oil to help clear out my sinuses anyway and since that can get pricey a gift card would be tops

  11. I would drive as many hours needed to get to a Whole Foods which would sort of negate the gift card, but I’d make a vacation out of it. Or sleep in my van–whichever.

  12. if i win i will buy some mercury free tuna, if there is such a thing, and some gourmet cheeses!

  13. If I win the giftcard, I will go to town on the bulk grain bin. Fancy rice, granola, and quinoa!!

    Mostly because I’m stockpiling for my first Whole Foods Trip! I want to buy some of their delicious free range potato chips. Or something like that…

  15. hmmm…organic kale chips with vegan cheeze powder, raw fudge, biodynamic wine, $12 peanut butter, the dignified feeling of not having to buy all of my groceries at the 99-cent store that week

  16. If I win this gift card…I will dance around with glee, smiling, with bars of organic fair-trade certified dark chocolate held high in gusto!

  17. If I won this giftcard, I don’t know exactly what I would get since I’ve never been to a Whole Foods before, but I know that it would be something delicious to help me attempt to adapt to my new vegetarian/vegan lifestyle!

  18. If I won, I’d organic-soy-free-range-non-GMO-cage-less-no-artificial-sweetener-natural-pure-gluten-free all over Whole Foods.

  19. If I win I will walk into the new one openin in my town ( and first in the area ) and wet my self in all it’s glory, as well as cry that I no longer have to drive 2 hours just to go to one. I also will finally be able to even look at anything cold for sale for the first time.

  20. $25 could certainly buy me a lot of bulk fruits & nuts & everything else to make some bad ass granola bars.

  21. I’ll blow this card on roasted brussel sprouts, pralines, chicken salad, and dr bronner’s soap.

  22. OHHH! If I win, I will buy a slew of whole-grain, organic, vegan, health jam packed stuff off the hot bar and not get a bag. GO GREEN. 😉

  23. A Whole Foods just opened in my city but I’ve been afraid to venture to it because it’s in the yuppie-filled side of town and looking into the cold dead eyes of a yuppie soccer mom is just something I can’t handle right now.

    But for $25 I’d do it. Do it with a smile.


  24. I will out-muscle all the hippies in line at noon and buy one kick ass meal from their salad bar. There will be things that I never knew how to pronounce until a few years ago: edamame, quinoa, haricot verts; junk like that.

  25. I’d use the $25 to sample all the tasty looking deli items at Whole Foods that I’m too cheap to purchase.

  26. I’d blow it on a meal from the food bar and a delicious baked good (made with organic, all natural eggs and sugar, etc.)

  27. I would use this card to buy wonderful strawberry harvest lager beer.

    Although it’s not organic, free range, trans fat free or without antibiotics…

  28. If I win this prize drawing I will be buying some organic chemical free hippie-esque toothpaste and deodorant.

  29. I would buy some Spirulina, Dulce, Flax Seed and Chia seed for the vegan raw spinach smoothie i want to make.

  30. If only Whole Food sold free range organic Cadbury creme eggs, they’d have my life savings, gift card or not! 🙂

  31. If I win this Whole Foods gift card, I’m going to spend it on antibiotic-free beer, fair-trade chocolate and organic chips. Because everything at Whole Foods is healthy, right?

  32. I would buy some non-dairy, gluten free, no sugar added, vegan seaweed because it sound so tasty. Or, I would find they’re version of a candy aisle and buy sweets. Whichever is healthiest.

  33. Will purchase a week’s supply of their Mediterranean Feta Dip and sea salt pita chips!

  34. I would buy cheese. As much cheese as possible. Then I would dip into my own pockets and buy some more cheese after the $25 limit is reached.

  35. I think I’d take a long drive with some hormone free, grass fed beef. Then, ironically, I’d take it to a nice steak dinner, and watch with glee as it realized with horror what I’d wined and dined it with.

    I’d never call that beef back. Just make tacos with it.

  36. I love love LOVE whole foods!!! Id stock up on all my fav foods that are super expensive! 🙂

  37. Have not been to Whole Foods recently, but I did like their pasta salad with smoked mozzarella. Oh, and the olive bar!

  38. I have literally never bought anything from Whole Foods. But everytime I go in there, I want to dance with all of the cheeses in mah mouth.

  39. I’ve never been to a Whole Foods, but they’re building one right down the street!

  40. If I win, I’ll finally be able to try orange-creamsicle-flavored Kale chips. They really do exist, but there is no way I’m spending my own money on them. If you double the gift card, I’ll even write a review of them.

  41. With a $25 gift card to Whole Foods I would buy some not tested on animals deoderant and other body care products. Its all expensive and judging by the way people dont come near me I could really use this gift card.

    Love the fine print by the way.

  42. If I win, I’ll eat a free-range chicken… Or perhaps 1/2 a free-range chicken, b/c that’s all $25 at whole foods will get me.

  43. If I win, I’d be able to afford to buy some stuff at Whole Foods that I otherwise couldn’t purchase.

  44. If I won the gift card I would hit the prepared food bars hard. Ribs, sushi and mac n cheese for everyone!

  45. Not to pull the sympathy card, but I struggle with anorexia and just found out today that I have gasteoparesis and will be having surgery on May 2nd. I need to restore weight (I weigh about 65 pounds right now) and I am going to have to start buying a lot of liquid supplements and that shit is expensive and it takes awhile to find one my stomach can tolerate that doesn’t taste like chalk. So, the gift card would allow me to experiment with some foods that I can tolerate psychologically (what anorexic wants to drink high calorie meal replacements, seriously) and physically since my stomach no longer can digest food. Again, sorry for the sympathy card, but this is going to be one expensive and long journey back to health.

  46. If I won this gift card I would purchase about three pounds of food from Whole Foods various food bars taking into consideration the ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) score for each food item chosen.

  47. I’m going to buy that Ostrich egg I saw in my local Whole Foods if I won. It costs about 24 bucks so this is just about right. Hah!

  48. For $25 at Whole Foods I believe I can purchase one bar of fair-trade, single-source, organic dark chocolate. At least partially.

  49. If I won this, I’d buy up all the sea salt topped chocolate caramels that I could. And then feel like a lonely peon because I’m not paying with an AmEx black card. And have the cashier and surrounding customers look down on me, and laugh after I leave.

  50. I would either purchase a sliver of the $40 a pound organic ewe’s milk cheese, or a sampling of exotic salts from around the world. It’s salt, you wouldn’t think there were like 100 varieties, but there are. Impregnated with all kinds of minerals.

  51. Oh goodness. I would buy so much pretty produce….and cheese. Actually mostly cheese.

  52. As a self-proclaimed olive addict, I would have to load up one of the multi-compartment containers with the disappointingly small amount of olives that $25 would purchase. Upon arriving home, I would film myself attempting to juggle them in an appealing way before catching them in my mouth to enjoy the briny goodness.*

    *not necessarily going to happen

  53. My supply of good chocolate is getting dangerously low. I love buying a huge chunk of it at Whole Foods.

  54. When I win I will buy a bunch of tasty ingredients to make my girlfriend a sumptous meal.

  55. I love Whole Paycheck, but I need an extra paycheck to shop there !! I would be honored to win this prize !!!

  56. I will buy some of the organic unbagged bulk salad greens. Between the organic nature of the greens and the fact that they aren’t protected from people’s sneezes and grimy fingers, I’m hoping it will boost my immune system by eating it. Usually I buy the washed, bagged stuff at the regular grocery store.

  57. If I win, I’ll buy all of the vegan yum yums I skip because they’re too expensive!

  58. If I win, I would…actually buy stuff from there instead of going to Trader Joe’s!

  59. If I win the gift card, I’ll buy…I don’t know what I’d buy ‘cuz I haven’t been in a Whole Foods in awhile. But I’ll find something that I can’t pronounce the name.

  60. If I win this gift card, I will drink a gallon of a naturally flavored carbonated beverage and pig out on air-puffed rice crackers.

  61. If I win this card, I will buy some frozen chicken-type product. Or baked goods. Yummy, yummy baked goods.

  62. I’d love to enter! I would go buy some of their awesome cookies and things that I can’t find at a ‘regular’ grocery store.

  63. If I win this gift card I will probably buy my daughter whatever she wants but secretly I would want to get organic loose leaf tea and free range eggs because they are seriously expensive at Walmart and I don’t even know for sure if they are really free range!

  64. Hmmm, that would make it worth trying out Whole Foods for. Our limited budget has made it cost prohibitive thus far.

  65. I could really go for some of their hand made marshmallows…they make for decent snaking

  66. If I win this gift card I will plant some cocoa beans in a hyper-ustainable organic manor in my garden.

  67. I will get to hang out with all the haole hippies at the brand new-ly opened Kailua store! They have a bar. Kailua hippies and organic beer, you totally should come over and check it out, what could be a better combo?!

  68. Oh, Whole Foods, how I wish there were more hours in the day for me to spend with you… and money in my bank account to spend with you.

  69. If I win, I will buy a recyclable bag each time I go to whole foods because I notoriously leave mine in the car. Or, I’ll walk. Therefore I HAVE to take my bags, more money for produce!

  70. If I win this giftcard, I would be so happy considering I can only afford Whole Foods once a year-(I’m not exagerating either!)

  71. I’ll probably end up buying what I need that week in groceries. And their vegan chicken salad cause that stuff is awesome.

  72. I would buy some Lake Champlain Chocolates, which are fresh all-natural gourmet chocolates made in Burlington VT. They are soooo good! And the nearest Whole Foods is a lot closer than Burlington. P.S. I’ll buy something really healthy too.

  73. If I win this gift card, I will recycle on porpoise! (Saw that on a Whole Foods sticker once)

  74. If I win, I will definitely be purchasing a Chocolate Creme Cake from Krause Confections!

  75. When I win a Whole Foods gift card, I will purchase some bulk Cherry Vanilla granola and make sweet, sweet love to every bowl.

  76. if i win, i’d be $25 richer and i’d splurge it on a big cake from whole foods to celebrate

  77. My whole paycheck should just be signed to whole foods. I’d spend the gift card on a splurge item I haven’t been able to afford!

  78. If I win, I will be able to buy groceries from Whole Foods without giving up an entire month’s worth of paychecks.

  79. if i win, this would definitely get me at least a few lunches’ worth of … well, i tend to just take a box and fill it with the most random assortment of foods from the hot/salad bar as possible. if only the one by work started putting indian food in the hot bar…

  80. if i win this gift card, i’m going to FINALLY buy a whole pint of the fig & goat cheese gelato instead of just getting a sample every time i walk past the dessert section.

  81. If I win this gift card I would spread justins nut butter alll over my……..toast. and a couple heathy energy drinks. :).

  82. If I win this Whole Foods gift card, I’ll stock up on Quorn from the freezer section

  83. It’s a good thing that one does not have to say anything in particular since I have never been to Whole Foods (yet another thing to look forward to when I get to civilization).

  84. If I win this gift card, I will buy bars of Vosges Bacon Chocolate Bars because I’m too impatient to buy them online and I don’t live in Las Vegas. Yes, I know there is an entire grocery store beyond the bacon chocolate, but I like bacon way too much to see anything past that shelf. I’m pretty sure the heavens opened up when I saw it there. I had been routing my travel flights through O’Hare just so I could go to the boutique. I really hate O’Hare. But now I don’t have to fly through a sucky airport or feign interest in gambling. I just go to Whole Foods. Help me, TIB. You’re my only hope.

  85. If I win I’d try an buy organic, free range/natural/whole food ingredients to make an amazing organic hamburger? I don’t know, I’ve never though about buying stuff from a whole food store. Maybe organic vegetables so I can see if it’s worth buying organic produce.

    Also, “I’ll will hug” should be “I’ll hug.”

  86. if i win this gift card, i’ll buy the ingredients to make a fancy pants vegan meal for my best friend’s birthday. and a bag of castor & pollux treats for my cats!

  87. If I win I will buy some tasty beers if they even have beer..dont know! Good luck to every1!!

  88. If I win, I am going to get some blood oranges and throw them at the rich yuppies that shop there because it will be getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot!

  89. I actually work at whole foods in fairfield, ct. it’s not insanely expensive as long as you buy our 365 brand and stuff that’s on sale. but what makes me laugh around the store are the graphic design displays.

  90. If I won this gift card, I’d probably only be able to afford 2 meals from Whole Foods–but they’d be organically delicious.

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