NEWS: Pizza Hut in the Middle East Puts Pizza Hut in America To Shame

I’m just going to embed these two recent Pizza Hut commercials from the Middle East and then I’m going to imagine your jaws dropping.

More info at A Hamburger Today.

Thanks to JB McDaniel for letting us know about these pizzas via our Facebook page.

5 thoughts to “NEWS: Pizza Hut in the Middle East Puts Pizza Hut in America To Shame”

  1. As someone who eats the crust first, I approve of these pizzas. Although the addition of shredded lettuce and tomato on the burger one weirds me out.

  2. Psst..hey, watch this. “Can I have a cheez-bourger???” ahahahahahahahahahahah

  3. Oh man I sure do love the look on the guy’s face and the musical note when the waiter is all like, “Sure, I can get you that!”

  4. As someone who’s actually eaten at pizza hut in the middle east, they may put our ideas to shame but they CERTAINLY didn’t put our taste to shame. The pizza huts over there are absolutely nothing like our buttery, oily, garlicky concoctions over here (read: delicious). Don’t let the pictures deceive you! They also serve weird middle eastern salads with their family pizza deals. Good for them actually, but bad for my ignorant foreign tummy at the time. If you ever find yourself staring into the eyes of a far off distant pizza hut, turn the other way.

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