NEWS: Cold Stone Creamery Offers Retro Treats From A Time When Cold Stone Creamery Didn’t Exist

cold stone!!

Hey, people who were born in the 1990s and make me feel old! You can enjoy Cold Stone Creamery ice cream treats inspired by the stuff your grandparents might’ve shared in the 1950s on a date at an ice cream parlor before going home and conceiving your parents.

For a limited time, Cold Stone is offering two retro-inspired ice cream flavors, Cherry Vanilla and Chocolate Malt. Each flavor is the base for two new Cold Stone Creations, Cherry Vanilla Cherry Pie (Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream with black cherries, graham cracker pie crust, and caramel) and Malt My Heart with Chocolate (Chocolate Malt Ice Cream with bananas, fudge, and whipped topping).

Cold Stone is also offering a line of desserts called Retro Classics, which include a Classic Hot Fudge Sundae, Classic Turtle Sundae, Classic Banana Royale, and Classic Root Beer Float. Don’t know what a Turtle Sundae or Banana Royale is? Ask your grandparents…or Wikipedia.

Cold Stone Creamery’s retro treats are available now through August 31 at all locations.

Image via flickr user samantha celera / CC BY ND 2.0