NEWS: Pizza Hut’s Garlic Bread Pizza Looks Like Gigantic Bagel Bites

Pizza Hut, Fernandina Beach, FL (Amelia Island)

Update: Click here to read our Pizza Hut Garlic Bread Pizza review

Wow. The test kitchens at Pizza Hut are quickly churning out new and interesting ways to deliver meat, cheese, and bread to our gullets. Last month, it was the P’Zolo and this month it’s their new G’rlic Bre’d pizza… I mean, Garlic Bread Pizza.

Pizza Hut takes thick slices of buttery garlic bread and tops it with cheese and your choice of pizza toppings. Top it with pepperoni, ham, pork, beef, Italian sausage, or bacon pieces. Not into meat? Well, you can get veggies as well. You can get nine slices with your choice of one topping for $8.99.

These sound nice, but I’m waiting for Pizza Hut to introduce French bread pizza, just like my momma used to make in the toaster oven.

Image via flickr user Tadson / CC BY ND 2.0

6 thoughts to “NEWS: Pizza Hut’s Garlic Bread Pizza Looks Like Gigantic Bagel Bites”

  1. I just can’t help it, I hate when fast food places and chain restaurants make and sell things like this that you would normally stumble through making for yourself drunk at 3 am, just cobbling together a pizza or sandwich out of literally any 2 or 3 things you can find and layer. I don’t care if it is Pizza Hut, I still think they should be trying a little harder than I am at my lowest, laziest point.

  2. Cheap marketing or whatever, it does look tasty. Not sure if it’s worth 9 bucks or not though….

  3. My dad and I drove 25 minutes to the nearest pizza hut to try this and it was well worth it! Crispy around the crust, and soft and buttery in the center just like garlic bread should be. Our only complaint was that in pictures they show 4 slices of pepperoni on each piece, but ours came with only 2 on each!

  4. So I just saw the Garlic bread pizza on the site and I had to try it.
    I would say it’s well worth it. However I read a review after placing the ordering saying that it was good but the sauce and cheese on it was very light, thankfully i ordered mine with extra cheese. So I just finished off four slices and it really is delicious. You taste the garlic bread and the pizza on top. Unfortunately they were even skimpy on the x-tra cheese I ordered, but if you love garlic bread and pizza this is definitely worth getting.

    Just incase anyone wants to know – I ordered it with x-tra cheese, light sauce, Pepperoni and beed.

  5. We got it yesterday and all three of us in our family thought it was great. We got one with beef and one with just cheese.

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