NEWS: Limited Edition Candy Corn Oreo is Just One More Thing Candy Corn Haters Will Avoid This Fall

Candy Corn Oreo on Shelf

Update: Click here to read our Candy Corn Oreo review

Whenever Halloween rolls around, companies roll out their brownish red carpets for their fall flavors, 85 percent of which are pumpkin flavored. One familiar fall flavor we don’t see a lot of is candy corn. There has been candy corn soda and last year there was candy corn M&M’s, but the number of candy corn-flavored products is dwarfed by the number of pumpkin products. This year, Nabisco is showing candy corn some love by putting out a Limited Edition Candy Corn Oreo exclusively at Target.

Why are the number of candy corn-flavored products so low? Well, maybe because candy corn is the worst Halloween candy ever! I’m sorry. I have too many horrible childhood memories of seeing waxy candy corn being dumped into my jack o’ lantern-shaped Trick or Treat pail by cheap ass neighbors.

If you tried these limited edition Oreo cookies, let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

12 thoughts to “NEWS: Limited Edition Candy Corn Oreo is Just One More Thing Candy Corn Haters Will Avoid This Fall”

  1. I love candy corn, and I relaize that I’m the minority, but I especially love those gross mellow-creme pumpkins that come with the “fall mix”.But you know what? I say screw you all. More day-glo corn syrup for me!

  2. I love candy corn! Will be trying. Hope these taste more like candy corn than the disappointing M&Ms!

    1. They are awesome! Target sold out and didn’t get another shipment, I’m about to go crazy. Do you know where I can find them on line?

  3. Those pumpkins are the business. It’s not quite the same when you buy the whole bag of just pumpkins…they need to be a part of the mix.

  4. I bought them yesterday. I just had to. They didn’t taste bad, but they also didn’t taste like candy corn at all. There was a very subtle fruity flavor, which seemed odd to me, but from reading the ingredients, I can’t tell where that came from.

  5. I am on the candy corn fence, so to speak. There is one and only one brand of candy corn that I dare to say I love—and it must be Brach’s. Any other brand I have tasted (and there have been plenty) has been waxy, bland, and downright awful. Brach’s has a subtle honey flavor and smooth texture that will melt in your mouth. I wasn’t aware of the reality of the Candy Corn Oreos–I saw them on pinterest and thought it was a hoax. Thanks for clearing that one up for me 🙂

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