NEWS: McDonald’s Testing Asian McNoodles in a Non-Asian Country

McDonald's Golden Arches in Innsbruck, Austria

Austrian McDonald’s restaurants will be offering two noodle dishes called McNoodles starting this week for a limited time.

The noodle entrees are made up of noodles, vegetables, chicken, and either a sweet and sour or curry sauce. McNoodles will cost 4.99 euros ($6.56 US).

If McNoodles are successful, we could eventually see them in the U.S., much like McDonald’s McWraps, which were originally sold in European and South American locations, and are now being tested in Chicago.

If any of our Austrian readers (I know there are a few) try McNoodles, let us know what you think of the dish in the comments below.

Source: Reuters

Image via flickr user n_willsey / CC BY SA 2.0

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