NEWS: McDonald’s Testing Healthier Egg McMuffin Called Egg White Delight


According to Grub Grade, the Golden Arches is testing a new breakfast sandwich that might appeal to those looking for healthier options beyond McDonald’s oatmeal, fruit parfait, and fruit & walnut salad. It’s called the Egg White Delight and it has 260 calories, which is just 40 less than a regular Egg McMuffin.

I could write more about it in normal paragraph form, but its name is begging it to be explained using the following song lyrics:

Thinking of you’s working up my appetite
Looking forward to a little Egg White Delight
A whole grain muffin, Canadian bacon, cheddar and an egg white
and the thought of eatin’ you is getting so exciting

Egg McMuffin Lite
Egg White Delight

For those of you who do not get the song reference, click here.

Source: Grub Grade

Image via flickr user Messercn / CC BY 2.0

10 thoughts to “NEWS: McDonald’s Testing Healthier Egg McMuffin Called Egg White Delight”

  1. @cybele: Ditto as well. I guess one advantage to this version is lower cholesterol (with a tad of calories savings).

  2. I like the idea really. The Canadian bacon only adds 10 calories and no fat. Trust me you will need the canadian bacon with the bland egg white. You can save calories and Saturated Fat by ditching the “Liquid Margarine”? Why is that even on there?

  3. I like the new Egg-White Delight, but I really think they should cook it in the ring like they do the regular egg mcmuffin. The ring gives it a crisp edge that is appealing to me, but cooking the egg-whites loosely makes them seem kind of icky.

    1. I like the way it is. It looks more real and it is less rubbery. I think that we are too use to over processed fake looking food that look as though it belongs in a child’s play kitchen.

  4. Laura, I feel you. I was hoping they’d cook them in the ring, too. I’m weird about eggs anyway and don’t eat scrambled eggs because they look gross to me. For that reason I only eat the McMuffin sandwiches b/c of the egg. So with that in mind I was hesitant to try the new sandwich. I have to say, though that it is delicious.

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