NEWS: Pizza Hut…Um, I Mean Domino’s Launches Handmade Pan Pizzas

Oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

With the introduction of Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza, we’ve just entered Pizza War II. Or it could be Pizza War III, I’m really not keeping track. With their new pan pizza, they’re trying to do what Pizza Hut has been doing for decades — make a pizza with a crispy golden crust that has a buttery flavor.

In a press release, Patrick Doyle, Domino’s Pizza president and chief executive officer, said, “There is a standard out there for pan pizza that we realized could be better.”

Oh snap! Pizza Hut burn!

The new Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza are made from fresh, never-frozen dough and features two layers of cheese and toppings. To celebrate the new pan pizza, Domino’s is offering a medium two-topping Handmade Pan Pizza for $7.99 each at participating locations.

12 thoughts to “NEWS: Pizza Hut…Um, I Mean Domino’s Launches Handmade Pan Pizzas”

    1. Pan pizza crust is made fresh for starters. The deep dish came to us pre-made. The deep dish also wasn’t very seasoned at all…it was just a really thick layer of dough with toppings. The pan crust is pressed into the pan ( hence the name ) so it’s not quite as thick as the deep dish and has seasonings, butter and cheese to make it super tasty! If you’ve not tried it, I highly recommend it. And this is coming from a delivery girl of two years who has about grown sick of pizza lol

      1. Proud buyer of papa johns and pizza hut now that you got rid of deep dish. Poor marketing decision. You should have left deep dish alone and simply added pan as an option. Now me and a growing list across America are not customers and have started going to pizza hut for pan. You had an original but not any more and don’t give me any fresh ingredients bull either. If I want pan I’ll go to pizza hut. I came exclusively for deep dish. My whole family is highly disappointed. We tried it and the next day started calling across the nation for a store that sold deep dish still. The hell with it and your company.

    1. Oh it’s not bad at all! I’m a driver for Domino’s and let me tell you, the pan pizza is TEN times better than the deep dish! Deep dish crust came to us pre-made and was too much crust with not enough flavor. Even the owner of my store complained about the deep dish not tasting all that good. The part about pan pizza crust never being frozen and being done in the store is 100% true and a major difference between it and Pizza Hut’s is that they use 6 ounces of butter per pizza where we use 3 but it tastes every bit as yummy!

      1. Pizza girl maybe you should stick to driving before you allow your fingers to type incorrect information about our product. We do NOT use 3 oz of butter in our pan pizzas, we use .3 or one third of a single ounce.. You need to be cautious what your posting on the internet because whatever you post in regards to our product reflects poorly on our company. At least give out the proper portioning and in the future if your not sure ask someone or don’t post…

        1. Wow, Kid Gloves. The person may have been wrong, but your response was very low-class and completely unprofessional. If you work for corporate then you’re a perfect example of how success doesn’t equal class or emotional intelligence.

  1. And another reason why I should like Dominos over Pizza Hut. I don’t know if it’s just me, but Pizza Hut’s pizza smell is nauseating and the Pizza itself – if we’re not talking how overpriced a medium Pizza with additional toppings is in Canada – is just not as good as I remembered it.

    Dominos all the way. Cheaper. Tastes better. And you get more bang for your buck.

    Dominos – Medium Pizza(with Pepperoni) – 106kg (per 1/8th slice)
    Pizza Hut – Medium Pizza(with Pepperoni and stuffed crust) – 96kg (per 1/8th slice)

    Price I paid for a Pizza specs above @ Pizza Hut, 22$ or something.
    Price I paid for a Dominos pizza with similar toppings? 10.63$. Not a special.

    Can’t see myself shelling out that much cash again unless a special’s going down.

  2. Thanks for the insider tip pizza girl. I am a huge fan of domino’s deep dish so it sounds like I’m in for a treat

  3. Maybe you think I’m exaggerating but I could eat pizza and Mac &cheese 365. I tried this pizza b/c some friends said it was good, so good that the son and boyfriend ate 2 whole pizzas and left the mom maybe 2 slices. So I ordered and was amazed… Ate the whole pizza by myself in the course of about 2 hours. I was so hooked that I ate two more domino’s pizza that week and left 2 slices on the last one, lol, to not seem greedy. Pizza boxes started piling at home, and I confessed that I was addicted… Guess that’s why now I’m on a 30 day water fast, currently on day 24, and hope to control my dominos addiction afterwards. BTW, I was a number 1 Jets pizza fan until I tried this… More bang for your buck.

  4. I’ve been an avid fan of Domino’s deep dish pizza for years and years. My late grandmother used to say “its better than mine” and thats saying a lot. But this new Handmade pizza is nothing like the old deep dish. It’s really disgusting. The crust was about half the thickness, and it was oddly soft…almost undercooked but not. And there was a gross butter/garlic taste that didnt belong on any Italian pizza.

    I even wrote corporate about this, but they didnt have much to say at all (not even an offer for free pizza). All I really want is my old favorite item back. Why they dont/wont/cant offer a choice between classic Deep Dish and this new debacle is beyond me.

    Just my humble Constitutionally protected opinion.

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