NEWS: Pepsi Announces Dragonfruit Flavored Pepsi X

Update: Click here to read our Limited Edition Dragonfruit Pepsi X review

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Update: Click here to read our Limited Edition Dragonfruit Pepsi X review

According to Beverage Digest’s Twitter account, Pepsi has announced on tonight’s episode of The X Factor a dragonfruit-flavored cola called Pepsi X.

The new flavor was chosen by The X Factor’s fans and contestants during “The Pepsi Flavor Audition Tour.” The limited edition Pepsi X will be available starting October 8 in 12-packs, 2-liters, and 20-ounce bottles.

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25 thoughts to “NEWS: Pepsi Announces Dragonfruit Flavored Pepsi X”

  1. And this is in America?! Whoa. I’m willing to use my quarterly accidental Pepsi drinking allowance to try this out.

    1. Don’t bother! This so called Pepsi is the worst tasting Pepsi to ever hit the market. Not only does it taste like liquorish and lemon combined, it leaves a sickeningly sweet taste in your mouth for hours. I don’t know what I am going to do with the other 11 cans of this crap. Had no idea what I was getting into when I bought this.

  2. I actually never heard of dragonfruit until seeing a bottle of that flavor for Bacardi. Now every time I see the word “Dragonfruit” think Bacardi. Stupid cocktails…

  3. I like dragonfruit the fruit, but I think things named as “dragonfruit” does not even taste like the real thing.

  4. Er…dragonfruit has a really mild taste. Like a mix of watermelon and kiwi in a gallon of water. It SOUNDS and LOOKS cool, but I don’t see it as a flavor anyone could say pairs with soda…

    1. perfect explanation of the taste. I pretty much had all the limited edition flavors and this was the worst. Didn’t even finish it.

  5. I just tried this today in a 12 oz can. Pepsi X has an interesting fruit flavor with a taste that’s similar to Coca-Cola.

  6. Pepsi X tastes nothing like coke, pepsi or any cola on the planet. The closest flavor I can come up with for it is Ginger ale. But it’s not even good Ginger ale, it just tastes like a boatload of ginger and not much else.

  7. I liked it. Thou, I’ve had better Pepsi than this. Still not as awesome as Pepsi Max, but I really did like it.

  8. I tried Pepsi X Today…….I am sure there is some use for this in the mixed drink world…..there is a lot going on with this product………..I drank mine with a very good sandwich……and was wishing I had a regular Pepsi……..thanks for letting me comment…….

  9. NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER again, nasty, yuk, LAST time I try a new Pepsi product !! Back to the drawing board .

  10. My parents and I tried Pepsi X last night. And all I have to say is…What were people thinking when they voted on this?! I’ve had dragonfruit and this soda tastes nothing like it. To me, it smells like Vick’s Nyquil and has an aftertaste like cough syrup. Not appealing at all. A definite no to this one.

  11. We unfortunately bought two 2 liters of this. I was excited to try it because I love Pepsi. I poured a glass, and apologized to my husband when he came in the room for having him buy two 2 liters instead of 1. He tried it, and agreed that it is quite nasty. We dumped out the rest of that glass, and the two 2 liters have been sitting in my sunroom ever since. I think we are going to have my husband take them to work and let co-workers taste the wrath. I also cannot see people voting for this flavor, unless the other flavors tasted like puke. Ick!

  12. Someone gave us a bottle of Pepsi X and the best thing I can say is that I didn’t have to pay for it. This was an awful flavor and a terrible addition to the Pepsi line. I took about 3 seperate sips of it and threw the rest out; I just couldn’t finish it. Where ever did you test market this that you recieved enough positive replies that you felt full production was prudent. Sorry Pepsi, you blew it this time.

    My all time fave is throwback Pepsi made with real sugar, but even at that less sugar would be better.

  13. Still haven’t found this stuff. I have looked at Walmart and gas stations. Not sure im’ missing out on much though.

  14. I’m extremely picky with food and drink, and I think this stuff is the best Pepsi yet. I was able to find it in every store for a few months and became completely addicted. Now I can’t find it anywhere, which sucks. They should make this a full normal flavor and not just limited edition.

  15. I accidentally bought PepsiX. I think it is terrible and now I am stuck with a whole case. I love the old Pepsi. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  16. Definetily a horrible flavor,i have a unopened 12pack put away and will sell it in couple of years,mind as well make a little money back?

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