NEWS: Oberto Jerks on the Chain That Is Pulling the Bacon Bandwagon Forward With Their Upcoming Bacon Jerky

According to the Candy and Snack Today blog, sausage and chewy meat maker Oberto will start selling bacon jerky early next year. The company introduced the new product at the recent National Association of Convenient Stores Show, which sounds like the Super Bowl for junk food reviewers like myself.

Oberto isn’t the first company to produce bacon jerky, many companies have beat them to it, but they will be the biggest jerky company to offer it. The Candy and Snack Today post reports Oberto’s bacon jerky will be made using real bacon, contain no preservatives, and have 20 percent less fat than pan-fried bacon.

Well, I guess late to the bacon party is better than never. Although, pigs probably disagree with that.