NEWS: Jack in the Box’s Munchie Meals Make You Wonder What Jack Is Smoking


I avoid eating fast food late at night because for some reason the grease and salt makes me have nightmare. No, really, it does. So I’m not looking forward to trying Jack’s Munchie Meals.

According to Brand Eating, Jack’s Munchie Meals are available after 9 p.m., which sucks for me and 4:20-ers.

For six dollars, a Jack’s Munchie Meal includes two tacos, a drink, an order of Halfsies — half curly, half regular fries — and one of the following entrees:

Brunch Burger – A croissant bun topped with a beef patty, fried egg, hash browns bacon, and cheese.

Exploding Cheesy Chicken Sandwich – A chicken sandwich topped with mozzarella cheese sticks and a white cheese sauce.

Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger – A sourdough grilled cheese sandwich on top of a burger.

Loaded Nuggets – Chicken nuggets topped with two kinds of cheese, ranch dressing, and bacon.

If you don’t feel like eating your recommended daily allowance of sodium, fat, and calories in one meal, you can order one of the entrees without the added sodium, fat, and calories from the tacos and Halfsies.

Jack’s Munchie Meals are currently being tested at limited locations. If you’ve tried any of the entrees, let us know what you think of them in the comments.

Source: Brand Eating

9 thoughts to “NEWS: Jack in the Box’s Munchie Meals Make You Wonder What Jack Is Smoking”

  1. The Jack’s near me have 24-hour drive-thru, making them 4:20 capable! Although one time I went there post-bar closing and they were actually out of burger patties!

  2. I might swing by one of the Jack in the Boxes in Santa Clara tomorrow and try it. Ironic how it’s after 9pm. Didn’t Jack get run over by a bus saying that you can order anything any time?

  3. tried the exploding cheesy chicken sandwich last night. It was pretty darn good, a little too cheesy and i love cheese, just had to eat it slowly. Which, i suppose, helped enjoy it more. One problem though about 20 min after eating it i was having an exploding cheesy chicken bathroom visit. It has now been 22 hours since i ate it and y stomach still hurts. Yeah it was good, but I will never eat it again.

  4. Just had the Grilled Cheese Burger. I usually eat once or twice a day.. I know I’m weird and it’s not really the best way to do it… But this box is my new fav for an all inclusive meal once a week or so!

  5. Used to work there. There’s a reason it’s 9PM to 5 AM. With the exception of the weekend bar/club rushes, and when the local Wal-Mart third shift lets out for lunch, they make NO money during this time, at least in this area. Something like 10% or less during the Sun-Thurs, and about 40% on Fri and Sat, at least at my former store. Same logic behind why they do breakfast all day. Where else can you get your breakfast sandwiches at 3 in the afternoon, you know?

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