NEWS: Subway Testing Creamy Sriracha Sauce

Subway, the fast food place micromanagers probably love, is testing a creamy sriracha sauce at select locations. The spicy sauce was spotted by the folks over at Foodbeast.

Currently, Subway’s spiciest sauce is probably their Chipotle Southwest Sauce, which I don’t think is at all spicy. Last summer, the sandwich chain tested a wasabi sauce, but it has yet to show up nationwide.

Brand Eating posted a review of the new sauce:

The sauce is a bright, almost neon orange; it almost makes you think you should take a Geiger counter to it. I figured I might as well just taste it by itself and dabbed some on my finger. I got some sweet tanginess paired with creaminess before the heat hit me. Wow! This is some seriously spicy stuff!

I hope this rolls out nationwide. But if not, I guess I could take the bottle of sriracha in my fridge and splooge some of it on my next Subway sandwich.

2 thoughts to “NEWS: Subway Testing Creamy Sriracha Sauce”

  1. Had some today – surprisingly tasty!

    “Seriously spicy”… well, yes, it’s almost as spicy as pure Sriracha, so it packs more heat than your average fast-food “spicy” mis-advertisement, but I think “seriously spicy” would be well past Sriracha 😉

  2. I have been making the steak and cheese melt with Chipotle Southwest, PepperJack cheese and veggies for years, so decided to try it with the Sriracha and was yummy. I like a nice little kick to my food, so this was a great addition. I added jalapeno’s, pickles, and cucumber on flatbread (toasted) with the rest of the other ingredients….great sub. Can’t wait to eat again. 😀

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