ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing The Nosh Show


Have you ever thought to yourself, “I already stuff my mouth with actual fast food and junk food, and stuff my eyes with blog posts about fast food and junk food, but I’d like to stuff my ears with people talking about junk food and fast food”?

Well, my friend, now you can with The Nosh Show!

Join Ryan from Grub Grade, Dubba from On Second Scoop, Eric from Junk Food Guy, and yours truly as we discuss things sweet, salty, and fatty.

We’re planning to do an episode every other week, so if you’d like to stay on top of our latest episodes, you can subscribe to The Nosh Show on iTunes. Or if you don’t use iTunes, you can use this link to subscribe using your podcast player of choice. You can also follow The Nosh Show on its own blog, Twitter, and Facebook page.


13 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing The Nosh Show”

      1. Umm…So I’m a little embarrassed. I’m totally black girl blushing right now but I don’t care. I stand by my statement: Your voice is hot.

  1. Marvo, please say “like” less. I lost count at 20 “likes”. It’s, like, kind of, like, you know, like, distracting and, you know, like, some other things.

    1. Oh, I know it’s, like, distracting. I had to, like, edit the episode, so I heard it about, like, 1000 times. I’ll get better. Or start a Nosh Show Drinking Game which involves listeners taking a shot each time I say like.

    2. Just a heads up. I’m in the middle of editing the second episode and I think I say “like” a lot more than in the first one.

  2. Enjoying what I see (well, hear) so far. I think it’d be great if you brought guest hosts on from time to time, like Greg from Freezerburns, Chad from The Ice Cream Informant and the guys from Fat Guy Food Blog.

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