FAST FOOD FIVE – 10/31/2013

W is for Wienerschnitzel

Here are five recent fast food news bites:

Wienerschnitzel is offering seasoned curly fries for a limited time. I hope curly hot dogs are next. (via Grub Grade)

In case you missed the previous four, it’s Popeyes 5th Annual Crawfish Festival! (via Popeyes)

New Starbucks breakfast sandwiches are being tested. Can Starbucks also test the spelling abilities of some of their baristas? (via Starbucks Melody)

McDonald’s is bringing back their Cheddar Bacon Onion burger, or CBO if you’re nasty. (via Grub Grade)

But who cares about the CBO, because…the McRib is back! So get yourself a lot of napkins and enjoy! (via McDonald’s)

Image via flickr user Xurble / CC BY 2.0

2 thoughts to “FAST FOOD FIVE – 10/31/2013”

  1. Did you know that the McRib is ALWAYS available somewhere in the US? They rotate it around the country so at any given time of year it’s available somewhere. It’s not back here in Missouri yet even though it is wherever you are. It’s just not fair!!

  2. Okay, I may have to venture to the nearest Starbucks that I think gets the test market items here in Phoenix. I’d been avoiding them since the roll-out of the awful Boulange must-be-heated pastries, but new breakfast sandwiches are always an event.

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