ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking for New Reviewers (2013 Edition)

The Impulsive Buy is currently looking for enthusiastic, talented, funny, and self-motivated individuals to write processed food product reviews. We hope to bring on a few new reviewers to write one or two reviews per month.

Writer Requirements:

1. Must have a computer.
2. Must have a digital camera (or a very good smartphone camera).
3. Have spelling and grammar abilities equal to or greater than mine.
4. Have an ability to entertain people with words.

It’s a paid gig, but we won’t say how much we pay per review. However, we can say it’s enough for you to have a pizza party for one…maybe two.

If you would like to apply for the position, here’s what you’ll need to send:

Writing Samples:

1. One sample review in TIB format (nutrition facts, rating, price, pros, cons, etc at the bottom). The review must be about something new or limited edition. The sample review will help us determine if your writing style would be a good fit. To give you an idea of how long a TIB review is, they range from 400-1,000 words.

2. Photo(s) of the product you reviewed. (High quality versions, please!)

3. A bio and why you want to write for The Impulsive Buy.

A Few Notes:

1. Due to legal reasons, we can’t hire minors.

2. At this time, we’re not looking to add writers from outside the United States and Canada.

3. Please don’t send your review and bio as an attachment. Copy and paste them into your email. Photos will be sent as attachments.

To apply, please email your sample review, pictures, and bio to [email protected] with “Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow!” in the subject line. The deadline to apply will be November 24th.

Thank you.


9 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking for New Reviewers (2013 Edition)”

  1. Can the sample review be of something that has already been reviewed here or on a sister site? Would still be original content, of course.

  2. Ah, such a shame that you aren’t looking for anyone outside of the US and Canada – if at any time you are, I’d be well up for it as I have been fascinated by product variation and line extension since I was a little girl!

  3. I was just wondering if you allow people to review things that perhaps are not limited edition or new, but hard to find or regional or just strange and interesting? I am definitely going to participate, but I just wanted to see how much leeway there was.

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