FAST FOOD FIVE – 12/18/2013


Here are five recent fast food news bites:

Get ready to stuft your mouth with Taco Bell’s Grilled Stuft Nacho. Also, get ready for your iPhone’s autocorrect to correct “stuft.” (via Grub Grade)

I bet these would go great in a burger. Come on, McDonald’s Japan! Think outside the arches! (via Rocket News)

Jack in the Box is offering two of their new Southern Style Biscuits for three dollars. Or 200 Southern Style Biscuits for 300 dollars. (via Jack in the Box YouTube Channel)

The Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s Philly Cheesesteak Burgers are back! Oh what a treat! Meat on meat! Here’s a review. And here’s another. (via Business Wire)

Domino’s in Singapore now has cheesy crust pizza. Add a few more cheeses into the crust and I believe fast food law says they can name it “crazy cheesy crust.” (via Domino’s Singapore)