FAST FOOD FIVE – 12/20/2013


Here are five recent fast food news bites:

Subway will be offering a new variety of bread next month. Great. That won’t help my indecisiveness whenever I’m ordering a Subway sandwich. (via Grub Grade)

Cheap and spicy is the way I like my fast food sandwiches…and insults. (via Grub Grade)

KFC and potato chips are combined once again in Japan. So the U.S. makes bad Godzilla movies and Japan makes possibly awesome KFC potato chips. (via Rocket News)

Half-price shakes at Sonic! So save some money AND make your body’s insides as cold as your body on the outside. (via Sonic’s Facebook Page)

Subway is testing pizza restaurants on college campuses. I’d eat a Subway Pizza if it has a jalapeño cheddar crust and is available as a footlong…radius. (via The Daily Nebraskan)

5 thoughts to “FAST FOOD FIVE – 12/20/2013”

  1. Given how many companies are rushing into “being the Subway of personal pizzas,” I guess it’s only logical that Subway would try being the Subway of personal pizzas.

    Subway tested a pizza product here a year or two ago. It smelled good but I never tried it, as I think it was only at Walmart or some such.

      1. A pizza with a 12″ radius would be 24″ across, or pretty darned large.

        Did you maybe mean “diameter”?

        It’s cool — this isn’t The Impulsive Geometry Problem.

  2. Strange, we’ve had the Jalapeno Cheese bread for the past month or two here in Ontario, Canada. And their pizza is actually really good (have had it here in certain parts for quite awhile), though that might just be because I didn’t at all make it to formula, haha.

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