PRIZE DRAWING – Because I Have A Herd of Carl’s Jr. Philly Cheesesteak Burger Coupons


When the nice folks over at Carl’s Jr. offered to send us coupons for their Philly Cheesesteak Burger to give away, I thought they’d send two or three, but they sent us seven. At first, I wanted to keep them all to myself and make it rain Carl’s Jr. coupons at the club. But with just seven coupons I would make it rain for only three seconds.

So seven lucky Impulsive Buy readers will get to try this burger for free. We didn’t review the burger when it first came out in 2010, but TIB contributor Kelley did on her blog, so learn more about it there.

Also, here’s the new Carl’s Jr. commercial for the Philly Cheesesteak Burger featuring Terrell Owens.

To enter The Impulsive Buy’s Because I Have A Herd of Carl’s Jr. Philly Cheesesteak Burger Coupons Giveaway, leave a comment with THIS post. You can say whatever you want. Please don’t forget to fill out the email field because we’ll be emailing the randomly selected winners for their mailing addresses.

We will stop accepting entries on Saturday, January 4, 2014 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one comment allowed per person, and it’s only open to U.S. residents 18 years old or older.

NOTE: The coupons can be used only at participating Carl’s Jr. locations. They will not be accepted at Hardee’s. Sorry folks who live near Hardee’s.

For those of you who have a Twitter account, you can get an additional entry by tweeting the following by Saturday, January 4, 2014 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time:

Hey @theimpulsivebuy! Meat on meat. What a treat. That looks like something good to eat.

So just copy, paste, and tweet. Only one tweet per Twitter account.

Good luck!

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you emails about how you can stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you a piece of paper with tears from a clown. Bribes will not be accepted. If you’re coming from a site called Online-Sweepstakes, your entries will be disqualified because this drawing for Impulsive Buy readers only. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, or broken New Year’s resolutions.

62 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING – Because I Have A Herd of Carl’s Jr. Philly Cheesesteak Burger Coupons”

  1. A Philly cheesesteak atop a hamburger sounds disgusting, but if you give me a coupon, I’ll try it for you.


  2. Sweet another giveaway! Wanted to win that gift card one but didnt..oh well! Cheesesteak Burger!! YAAA!

  3. I noticed Carls Jr has added “Thickburger” to the names of all its “6 Dollar Burgers”… Finally acknowledging the Hardee’s merger or just the fact that inflation made the original “6 dollar burger for under 4 dollars” ad line obsolete?

  4. I just tried Carl’s Jr. for the first time a couple weeks ago and loved it. Hope I win this gift card so I can go even more!

  5. Since they’re bringing things back, I really wish they’d bring back the Memphis BBQ Burger. That’s thing is my favorite fast food burger of all-time.

  6. I wonder how much money they spent researching and focus grouping new burgers.

    Would love to try this.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I would definitely love to get my hands on a delicious Carl’s Jr. cheesed steak sandwich. All my life it has been a dream of mine to win a contest – not just any contest, of course, but one in which food is distinctly involved – and it would definitely pepper my battered, twisting soul to win this one.

  8. Yummy yummy! I haven’t been to Carls’ Jr. in years, maybe it’s about time I go…

  9. Would love to try one of these, I think Hardee’s makes the best fast food burger and adding philly steak and toppings on it sounds unreal!

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