ANNOUNCEMENT: New Reviewer Kevin

Hey, dudes. I’m Kevin and I’ll be reviewing foodstuffs for the Impulsive Buy. I was born in California but went East in search of a Sonic Drive-In. I had to stop at the water and now, about three decades later, I live in New York City. I eat garbage sometimes and I’ve followed this website for a number of years now.

I wrote you a song. You can sing it to the tune of this. Or sing it to any song you want, really. I’m not your boss. I’m your friend! Think of me like … your Chandler. No, like the monkey. No, like the couch they couldn’t get up the stairs in that one episode. Ooh, Aisha Tyler. Archer! Watch Archer, guys. Now on at 10 p.m. on Mondays. FX. Boom.

Oh yeah, the song.


White Castle sliders and biscuits from Popeyes

Untoasted Pop Tarts and Animal Style fries

Stephen Colbert’s pint by Ben and Jerry

These are a few of my favorite eats

Haribo gummies and small tubes of Pringles

Hot dogs from Costco and donuts with sprinkles

Burgers at Wendy’s, please double the meat

These are a few of my favorite eats

M&M pretzel and shrimp chips by Calbee

Oreos stuffed with what smells like Funfetti

Carl’s Jr. battered and fried zucchini

These are a few of my favorite eats

When I work out

When I play sports

When I’m running fast

I simply remember my favorite eats

And that’s why I feel so fat

Breakfast Jack croissant and cones at McDonald’s

Flavor Twist Fritos and Coke in glass bottles

Buttery Hawaiian shortbread cookies

These are a few of my favorite eats

When I dive in

When I kick hard

When I’m swimming laps

I simply remember my favorite eats

And that’s why I feel so fat


I look forward to eating products for you guys and also stockpiling insulin.

6 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: New Reviewer Kevin”

  1. Love the song. However, you have set the bar too high. I will expect at least a musical interlude in all subsequent reviews.

  2. Yes to Tim. Some component of each review better be in song form! Obviously your sports are paying off, if you just feel fat from all those things you love!

  3. You’ve raised the bar…now the guys will have to add a new segment called “NoshSING” where they each sing one of their reviews.

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