ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nosh Show Episode 21


In this episode, a Canadian joins us to talk about new Oreo flavors, new Mountain Dew Kickstart flavors, something called Moreos, and weird Canadian Pizza Hut pizzas.

Thanks for listening!

7 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nosh Show Episode 21”

  1. Why no captions or transcript provided for nosh show? I ride the (D) train in NYC from Grand St to West 4th and want to enjoy reading the nosh show.

    Equal accessibly for the deaf community please

    1. I’m sorry we’re not able to provide a transcript of the show.

      Because every episode is over an hour long, providing a transcript of the show would be very expensive (if we let a transcription service do it) or time consuming (if we did it on our own). We make very little money from doing The Nosh Show and whatever money we have made has gone towards the $15 a month we have to pay in the podcast hosting service we use.

      If you know of an inexpensive way to get audio transcribed we would probably consider providing transcripts.

      1. Marvo,

        I accept your apology. I can try find a interpreter whom be willing sit next to me and interpret the voices.

        I still love your blog! Maybe can I send you a sample of my work and in the future maybe have a deaf blogger in your site. The sample is a parody paper called USA Yesterday. Trust me u gonna love it.

  2. Showing my age and/ or love of classic TV….when the guest said ‘Greetings from the Great White North’, I heard in my mind Rick Moranis and (the other) Dave Thomas go “Cooooo co co co co coo-co-coooooo.”

  3. To respond to the last question, Pizza Hut had “Makin’ It Great” and “Hit the Hut” (Thanks You Tube). I’m assuming “Hit the Hut” was a corporate decision response around the time that the nickname ‘Mickey D’s ‘ came about, ushering in people saying ‘KFC’ , ‘BK’, ‘Jack’s’ and ‘Junior’s’ … Because saying the full name of restaurants is sooooooo 1980.

  4. Welcome, FINALLY, to the Talenti Fan Club, Marvo. Though I can understand the hesitation, considering Hawaiian prices. I never buy the stuff unless it’s under $4 a pint, guessing you don’t see prices like that, ever.

    If you can get your hands on Talenti’s Egg Nog next Christmas, trust me, there is no price too high.

    And so jealous of Canadian Pizza Huts right now. Good thing I live in michigan, I might have to make a run across the border at some point.

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