SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Birthday Cake M&M’s

Birthday Cake M&M's

Update: Click here to read our Birthday Cake M&M’s review

I could stick candles in Birthday Cake Oreo cookies, but I’m not sure how to do that with these. (Spotted by Britt at CVS.)

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11 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Birthday Cake M&M’s”

  1. Found these at my local CVS, tried them out – very unimpressive. Worse than the Red Velvet ones. They were exactly like a milk chocolate Mega M&M, except they only have 3 colors in the bag: yellow, red & blue.

  2. I bought the birthday cake M&M’s at cvs in orlando. I think they are decent but the peanut butter ones are better.

  3. Yup, I tried these on a whim at CVS two days ago. Disgusting. I threw the bag out, after eating one, and then another one, hoping it’d be better. By the way I loved the white chocolate halloween ones. Now those were awesome.

  4. Does not taste like a birthday cake. Too close to regular milk chocolate. For some reason when I hear birthday cake M&M’s, I thought it would have like a brownie/cake type filling, NOT chocolate.

  5. I remember someone told when I was younger. If they make it look good. They would something with crap in it. So does it really surprise me what they make different products than the standard products. What’s next tuna flavor M&M. Or carrots flavor ones.. Oh… Wait BBQ ones.

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