REVIEW: Nabisco Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreo

Nabisco Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreo

If you think about it, Oreo cookies are like the cockroach of the cookie world. They’re both dark on the outside, make a satisfying crunch when crushed, they’ve been around for what seems forever, and they may never die.

This year, Oreo turned 100 years old and to celebrate Nabisco released their Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreo. Yes, Oreo can now be considered a centenarian, if it was human.

Also, if it was human, Oreo would probably be given a shout out on The Today Show by Willard Scott and/or be used in a segment to fill airtime on the local news, which will most definitely involve the centenarian being asked the obligatory question, “What is the secret to your longevity?”

Of course, the secret to Oreo’s long life is the fact they’re a sweet little treat adored by millions and the millions of dollars Nabisco has spent in Oreo advertising over the past ten decades.

Sadly, don’t expect a long life for Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreo because, obviously, it’s a limited edition variety.

Nabisco Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreo Closeup

At a quick glance, the limited edition Oreo cookie looks like any regular Oreo, but one of the chocolate cookies has a special birthday design that sort of reminds me of a $100 black poker chip. And if you twist a chocolate cookie off, you’ll see the white filling has colored candy sprinkles in it.

After opening the Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreo package for the first time, an overpowering sweet aroma of cake frosting rushed out of the bag. It’s an aromatic bum rush I imagine I’ll experience again on my wedding day when my future bride grabs the piece of wedding cake I just cut and smushes it into my face.

While it has a strong cake frosting scent, its flavor is too much like a regular Oreo cookie. If I were to twist off one of the chocolate cookies and discard it, the cake frosting flavor gets a bit more noticeable when I eat the non-sandwich version of the cookie. It’s disappointing the frosting flavor wasn’t stronger, because, after all, the frosting is the best part of a birthday cake.

The white creme filling in the Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreo is softer than regular Oreo cookies. The amount of filling is more closer to Double Stuf than regular stuf, so you’re getting less cookies per package than with regular Oreo cookies, but that’s been the case with almost all of the limited edition Oreo varieties. The candy sprinkles add a little extra crunch to the cookie, much like the candy pieces do in the Limited Edition Candy Cane Oreo.

The Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreo cookies are a slight disappointment because of its flavor. Don’t get me wrong, they are quite tasty, but I really wished it had a stronger birthday cake flavor.

(Disclaimer: We received this package of Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreo for free from Nabisco. If you’re looking for Birthday Cake Oreos, they’ve been seen at Walmart and Target.)

(Nutrition Facts – 2 cookies – 140 calories, 60 calories from fat, 6 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat*, 1 gram of polyunsaturated fat, 3 grams of monounsaturated fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 110 milligrams of sodium, 40 milligrams of potassium, 21 grams of carbohydrates, less than 1 gram of fiber, 13 grams of sugar, and less than 1 gram of protein.)

*made with partially hydrogenated oil

Item: Nabisco Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreo
Price: FREE
Size: 10.5 ounces
Purchased at: N/A
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Tasty. Oreo is 100 years old. Candy sprinkles add a little extra crunch. Living until you’re 100 years old. Milk dunkable. Getting a shout out by Willard Scott.
Cons: Slightly disappointing. Frosting flavor needed to be stronger. Tasted similar to regular Oreo cookies. Made with partially hydrogenated oil.

23 thoughts to “REVIEW: Nabisco Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreo”

  1. Clearly, I was not one of the cool blogger kids to get a free package. Fine by me, I’m waiting for the 1000 birthday of Hydrox. Now that’s some old school sandwich cookie action.

  2. I sometimes think that Oreo should just stick with their original product and stop experimenting around so much. Still, I do like the mint Oreo cookies quite a lot.

  3. I bought these late last week (I’m a sucker for the endcaps at grocery stores!)…I felt the same disappointment about the flavor and also that the creamy center was not as creamy (probably because of the confetti stuff). Overall a good snack, but I probably won’t repurchase.

  4. I love to read your reviews for they are hilarious at times & can tell others whether or not to try a product. However I noticed that in most of your reviews of Oreos you compare them to a regular Oreo so how come you don’t review that too?

  5. I really loved these oreos!!!
    I liked that they retained the oreo flavor that made them so popular.
    as for other oreos, cakesters and fudge creams are the booooomb.
    I <3 oreos so much 😀

  6. These are absolutely WONDERFUL!!!! Not enough birthday cake flavor? What was that reviewer thinking? As soon as you open the bag it’s a birthday party in your face. These babies taste EXACTLY like birthday cake! Even the chocolate cookie by itself w/out the cream has that birthday cake flavor. Your kids will love them….you will love them more!!! I hope they keep these on the shelf. This buy far is the best Oreo ever!!!

  7. Ah man! I just did my grocery shopping too!

    Anyways, I LOVE the fact that Oreo experiments with new products occasionally, that’s what Oreo DOES! I’m a big fan of their Cookies & Creme flavor I briefly had the pleasure of purchasing last year, and I JUST got my hands on their Holiday Fudge Cremes a few days ago! Lucky me because they were the only two boxes I left @ the Walmart I visited, and I haven’t seen em’ anywhere else since Christmas passed!

    As for that comment regarding the Regular Oreo it’d be pointless to review a product of that acclaim. Who hasn’t tried a regular Oreo before? It’d make no sense to review something that’s been around for well, a 100 years, and is been tried by millions upon millions of people worldwide.

  8. I love these Birthday Cake Oreo cookies. I think they have just enough birthday cake flavor, while still maintaining the essential Oreo flavor. I wish they were not limited edition. (Guess I’ll have to get a few the next time).

  9. I LOVE these OREOS!I just finished one and I’m in love..
    I for one think they should not be “Limited time only” because these
    Are GREAT!I sugest everyone stock up while these sweet ,
    Delicious , little , slice of heaven last!Trust me I cannot stress this enough

  10. These cookies are the best that Oreo has ever made. I usually only eat the wafer, and ditch the cream inside. I still eat the two separately but the cream filling is sooo good!

    If they are going to stop making these soon, it’s time to start hoarding them!!!

  11. REALLY?! there was this sort of oreos? but i thought oreos were produced by Kraft, not Nabisco? at least in the place i live, they are produced by Kraft 🙂 still love oreos — esp the peanut butter and choc ones!

  12. I really really liked these birthday oreos im really not a huge fan of the oreo products but the birthday cake ones are really good i also like the golden oreos i just got the ones that have the chocolate bottom and golden top

  13. LMFAO at “the cockroach of the cookie world! That’s penmanship…by God, THAT’S penmanship!

  14. I love these… bought one bag to try and on my next trip bought 4 bags…. I like these better than the original Orea

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