ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nosh Show Episode 23


Episode Title: Happy Happy Mystery Package Fun Time

In this episode, we talk about apples in burgers, bone marrow in ice cream, and root beer chips in cookies. We also introduce a new segment. Show notes can be found at The Nosh Show website.

Thanks for listening!

4 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nosh Show Episode 23”

  1. I like the new segment. Maybe you can start the others unwrapping their boxes during the end of the previous segment to save time without need of editing. Do you get any of the Japanese Kit Kat Flavors in Hawaii? Hope you’re feeling better, Marvo.

    1. Next time it’ll just be the envelopes so it’ll be quicker. As for Japanese Kit Kats in Hawaii, we do get some of them, but not any of the good ones. It’s usually just green tea or vanilla ice cream or something like that.

  2. You should put up a Happy Happy Mystery Package Fun Time unboxing video on YouTube. Unboxing videos are surprisingly popular.

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