SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Funyuns Chile Limón

Funyuns Chile Limo?n

It’s been awhile since I had Funyuns. It’s also been awhile since I had fun. Chip Review munched through a bag and really liked it. (Spotted by Troy at Shell.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Funyuns Chile Limón”

  1. I wonder how close it tastes to the Wasabi ones they stopped making a few years ago. I know a lot of people miss those.

  2. I love Funyuns, and I love chili-lime flavor (usually). I’ll have to see if I can find these up here. We have the standard ones, but I never did find the Flamin’ Hot (or whatever they were called) locally.

  3. I love Funyuns too, which is odd because I don’t usually like onion rings. But that’s mostly because onion rings (made with real onion) always seem to come with stringy almost-raw onion.

    1. I’m odd in that I love onion flavor, but don’t like onions by themselves. I will not eat raw onions at all, in or on anything, and cooked ones have to be minced, well-cooked and part of a recipe. I do like some onion rings, but not the large ones with huge rings of onion. Yeah, I’m that weirdo who likes the Burger King “onion” rings.

  4. We stopped at a gas station and I grabbed some a snack. Frickin amazing! The only problem is we were on the road, and I can’t find them anywhere else! Taste like hot onion lime wings with the hint of heat afterwards. Stupid Fritos lay. Addict me to something and not have it in my reach! Arrrgghh!

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