FAST FOOD FIVE – 3/29/2014


Here are five recent fast food news bites:

Panda Express is offering free Golden Szechuan Fish on April 1st. April 1st? Why do I feel like I’m being tricked into going to a Panda Express where there will be no free fish? If there is free fish, here’s our review. (via Grub Grade)

Would I pay twelve dollars for a McDonald’s burger? Well, I just paid six dollars for a McDonald’s chicken sandwich, so why not. (via Brand Eating)

I wonder if poutine is pouting about Taco Bell Canada putting chili cheese fries into their Loaded Grillers instead of poutine. (via Consumerist)

These Peeps donuts look like a rubber ducky on top of an inflatable pool ring. They also look like they’re going to make me bounce off the walls. (via Grub Grade)

Bacon and double the pepperoni on a pizza? Why half-ass it? Why not double pepperoni, double bacon, and double cheese and call it the Triple Double because it’s March Madness time. (via Brand Eating)