REVIEW: McDonald’s Premium Crispy Chicken Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich

McDonald's Premium Crispy Chicken Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich

For years, I believed the “special sauce” on the McDonald’s Big Mac deserved better.

It deserved a better name because “special sauce” doesn’t sound so…um, special. Let’s be honest, Grimace Snot Sauce would’ve been a better name. I also believed the tangy sauce deserved to be sauce-gunned on sandwiches other than the Big Mac.

Well, almost 50 years since the introduction of the Big Mac, we’re finally get Grimace Snot Sauce on sandwiches that aren’t a Big Mac and don’t have beef. (Although, hardcore fast food aficionados would wipe the Grimace Snot Sauce from their mouths and then point out that there’s been Chicken Big Macs in other countries.) Why hasn’t it happened sooner? Fear of a special sauce shortage, cannibalization of Big Mac sales, or will Ray Kroc’s ghost appear and warn us that the end of the world is nigh? I dunno.

What I do know is that I’m glad it happened, even though it could mean the end of the world, because McDonald’s new line of Bacon Clubhouse sandwiches are damn tasty, especially the Premium Crispy Chicken Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich.

As you can see in the pictures above, there’s a lot going on with this sandwich. Along with the secret sauce, the sandwich is also made up of lettuce, tomatoes, a crispy chicken breast filet, a slice of white cheddar, Applewood smoked bacon, and caramelized onion on an artisan bun.

McDonald's Premium Crispy Chicken Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich Bun

Let’s start off with that bun. The first thing I noticed about it was how shiny it was. The top glistens like the skin of a liar on the witness stand, but it isn’t greasy. The two halves are toasted, which help prevent the bun from falling apart. While eating the sandwich, I could’ve sworn the bun had a slight sweet bread vibe to it, but whatever the bun has, it’s good, I want it available with every McDonald’s sandwich, and it makes the other McDonald’s buns taste like what they give with water to prisoners.

McDonald's Premium Crispy Chicken Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich Top

Let’s move on to the bacon. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, McDonald’s Applewood smoked bacon is quite good for fast food bacon. It’s thick, has a wonderful salty porky flavor, and there’s a crispiness to them along the edges, which was absent in the previous pork strips McDonald’s called “bacon.” My sandwich came with four strips, which, after reading other reviews, seems to be an anomaly. (Also, an anomaly, the two tomato slices that came with my sandwich.)

The special sauce’s sweet and tangy flavor goes extremely well with the somewhat thick crispy chicken breast filet, which is the same chicken in McDonald’s other premium chicken sandwiches. So well that I still can’t believe McDonald’s didn’t go sauce gun trigger happy on their other sandwiches sooner. The crispy chicken breast filet was for the most part crispy on the edges and wasn’t dried out. The slice of white cheddar didn’t make an impact with this sandwich. Its flavor got lost among the sauce and caramelized grilled onions.

Speaking of the caramelized grilled onions, a part of me wishes they weren’t included because they took away some of the secret sauce’s flavor. But that can easily be fixed by asking for extra sauce or holding the onions. I mean, the sandwich has so much going on that I don’t think the onions would be missed.

The McDonald’s Premium Crispy Chicken Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich is the best tasting chicken sandwich on the McDonald’s menu. Some of you may scoff at its premium price, which is in the $4.50-$6 range, but I think it’s worth the price and possible special sauce shortage, cannibalization of Big Mac sales, or the end of the world.

(Nutrition Facts – 750 calories, 340 calories from fat, 38 grams of fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, 0.5 grams of trans fat, 90 milligrams of cholesterol, 1750 milligrams of sodium, 65 grams of carbohydrates, 16 grams of sugar, 4 grams of fiber, 36 grams of protein.)

Item: McDonald’s Premium Crispy Chicken Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich
Purchased Price: $5.89*
Size: N/A
Purchased at: McDonald’s
Rating: 9 out of 10
Pros: Best tasting McDonald’s chicken sandwich. The artisan bun is better than any other bun McDonald’s offers. Meaty, thick, and slightly crispy Applewood smoked bacon strips. Secret sauce goes wonderfully with the crispy chicken filet. Green lettuce.
Cons: Caramelized grilled onions seem unnecessary and they take away some of the secret sauce’s flavor. McDonald’s not sauce-gunning their secret sauce on other sandwiches sooner. Will be pricey to some.

*Because I live on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, things are pricier here. You’ll probably pay less than I did.

13 thoughts to “REVIEW: McDonald’s Premium Crispy Chicken Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich”

  1. I tried the hamburger version yesterday and thought the caramelized onions pushed it in a negative direction by making the predominant flavor of the burger sweetness. I think regular McDonalds onions or the red onions from the Angus Deluxe would work much better. I agree that holding the onions is a great idea, I could hardly taste the special sauce.

    1. I thought the same and I ordered with red sliced onions instead of grilled and added pickles the next go around. Perfect! My local Burger King had signs up today for a Big King chicken sandwich with two chicken patties, so they are really trying, but it looks like the chicken from their $1 sandwich so nowhere’s close to the chicken here.

  2. Pro: a review from Marvo (seems like it’s been awhile)

    Con: extra Big Mac Sauce, +40 ¢

    1. That would be enough for me not to request it. No reason why it should cost that much & it’s just more nickel & diming us. I’d rather make & bring my own 1000 Island sauce & spread it on myself.

  3. Out of the three, I really enjoyed the grilled chicken the most and the crispy chicken the least. Of course, it was still quite excellent, but for some reason the rest of the flavors worked better with the grilled items, chicken and burger.

  4. While it does look tasty (I hate to say that about anything McD’s) the price is to steep for fast food anything.

  5. I too had the burger version, and damn, that was good. The buns were a killer indeed.

    To boost, it came with free medium fries and drink, as part of the promo deal they’ve got going at my local McD, all for the price of $5.25, including tax.

    I’m definitely going to get this one again, while the deal lasts!

  6. Best chicken sandwich I think I’ve ever had! I’ve never had the grilled or the burger but the crispy is delicious! For the past month I’ve asked to go to Mcdonalds (when before only went if I had to) and I get this sandwich every time!! I love it!! Mcdonalds please never get rid of it!! (That’s my opinion)

  7. Finally a sandwich that looks like the picture! I haven’t been to McDonalds for years but on the way back from a long trip I didn’t have many choices on the highway so I stopped. I was so pleasantly surprised with the artisan bacon club sandwich. I’ve been back twice since and now have my husband hooked on them. We order extra special sauce and it is perfect and a great deal too.

  8. I tried the crispy chicken clubhouse today and it was the best burger I’ve ever had! I hate McDonald’s but this is a definite winner I hope it stays. Yummmmmm

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