SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Doritos Jacked Test Flavors 404, 855, and 2653

Doritos Jacked Test Flavor 404

Doritos Jacked Test Flavor 855

Doritos Jacked Test Flavor 2653

Update: Click here to read our Test Flavor 404 review.

These brings back memories of the Doritos X-13D Flavor Experiment and Doritos Quest. Not knowing the flavor scares me, but excites me at the same time. Also, will flavor be found on Test Flavor 404. Click here to read more about these flavors. If you’ve tried any of them, feel free to leave your thoughts about them in the comments. (Spotted by Nick at Price Chopper and thanks to TIB reader @bradensthompson for letting us know about them.)

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40 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Doritos Jacked Test Flavors 404, 855, and 2653”

  1. Not scary, although 404 is…different (contains lime and orange juice solids). 855 tastes like something they’ve already done. I like both more than the previous unnamed Dorito ‘experiment’ flavors. 2653 sounds like a spicy Cool Ranch (maybe?).

  2. Having tried them all, in my opinion best to worst is 855 (red), 404 (yellow), and 2653 (blue). 855 is the spiciest, sort of has a spicy chipotle-esque taste to it, maybe with a hint of lime or something. 404 sort of tastes like a slightly sweet bbq. I can’t really put my finger on what 2653 is supposed to taste like; they’re kind of bland.

    1. I completely agree with you Kewb, I would list them best to worst in that order as well. The blue bag had too much burnt chocolate flavor, the yellow bag was a bit too sweet but better than blue and the red bag had to be the best just because of the spicy flavor. My only sure fire guess is the 404 flavor being lemon pepper wings

  3. 2653 may be a Mole sauce flavor as it has spice and chocolate flavor components

  4. Found them at Kroger. I know everyone has different tastes, but I found 2653 to be spicy – and I usually like hot stuff! Guess I better not try 855 if KEWB says it’s the spiciest! Can’t quite figure the taste, but considering the ingredients I suppose it could be Mole. The chips are almost “blackened” with spice. Not sure that I would buy it again.

  5. Flavor 2653 is definitely my favorite and the most unique. I regret spending $3 on the other two bags but oh well.

    1. Found at Kroger btw, which is odd since Kroger doesn’t usually get these things overt Walmart.

  6. I agree with Wolf Windshields. I tried the 2653 with the wife and my first thought was mole sauce. And im a Hispanic Chef 😉

  7. I bought one of each yesterday while grocery shopping. I let my son choose which one we opened first and it was 2553. They smelled really good, but looked kind of intimidating because they are really dark. They are however, delicious. It’s like a very yummy smoky chipotle flavor. Just enough heat on the back side of the flavor to let you know they’re spicy, but not so hot they make your face sweat. Very, very good! We haven’t opened the other two yet as we’re waiting till we finish a bag before we open another so they don’t get stale. However, with as good as #2653 is, I think I’ll be opening a second bag by tomorrow cause I’m pretty sure I’m going to polish off this bag by the end of the night. *lol*

  8. I bought my 404 Jacked Doritos bag at the Kroger’s in McKinney. I actually like them. Just a tiny bit spicy (not hot) with a great lime/citrus flavor background. (I am a huge fan of the Hint of Lime spiced Tostitos.)

    When I read the ingredients on the back of all the bags, I held off purchasing on the 2653 bag. Mostly cause I saw “bacon” as a flavor. As much as I enjoy hot crispy bacon. I am not a fan of “bacon flavoring” anything.

    I did buy a bag of Jacked 855 too. But have not popped them open yet. Mostly cause I fear they are going to be too hot for me. Lots of red pepper/Cayenne pepper on that ingredients label.

    1. Good to hear the 404 has a hint of lime, I have a soft spot for that as well.

      The 2653 is good despite the artificial bacon (not usually a fan.)

  9. Test flavor 404 tastes like mojo and test flavor 2653 is most likely mole. Test flavor 855 is another spin on the hot sauce / sour cream combo.

    My favorite being 2653 because of the chocolate / chipotle / bacon flavor combos.

  10. Test flavor 404 – Mojo

    Test flavor 2653 – Mole

    Test flavor 855 – Not sure about this one but the flavor notes are cayenne pepper sauce ,sour cream, cheddar cheese and blue cheese to name a few ingredients. If I had to guess I would say a Buffalo style dip you could add shredded chicken to.

  11. Tried the 404 on whim. Good designation, delight not found.

    Starts off kinda BBQ-ish, and then suddenly there is this vaguely citrusy flavor that is vague only as to what kind of fruit it is supposed to be- it’s cloying and tastes like a cheap, generic, artifical “fruit” flavor. Then a few minutes later, after you’ve cleared your palette, this bit of tangyness sneaks up out of nowhere but it isn’t unpleasant.

      1. I just bought 855 & 2653. Love 855 that seems like a regular nacho cheese Doritos but with lots of hot sauce on it. 2653 totally reminds me of BBQ & liquid smoke. I couldn’t find 404. Fitting, isn’t it?

  12. I just had the 404. It tastes like an asian zing to me. I got a gingery flavor that I really enjoyed. I don’t like that the flavor will be for the jacked line though. I don’t like the oversized chips.

  13. I’ve only tried the 404 and 2653 flavors. I’ll try 855 as soon as I can find one.
    So far, 2653 is my favorite. I don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like, but it is SPICY!
    404 is okay. It’s definitely milder than 2653, and slightly sweet. At first I thought it was supposed to be a kind of Honey BBQ flavor, but after a while I also detected a hint of vinegar? I’m not sure. I’m kind of looking forward to finding out what these are supposed to be. Can’t wait to try 855 now!

  14. 404 contains orange and lime. I thought it tasted kind of like a pico de gallo sauce. When me and my sister first tried 2653 we thought it tasted similar to tiramisu with some spices. Once I looked on the back and saw that it contained bacon I tried it again. You can tell bacon is there when you are looking for it. I have never tried a mole sauce, so I dont know if it tastes like mole.

  15. 855 is really good! I love the hotness. It’s probably my favorite of the three. I don’t really like 2653 tho and 404 is really good also but I think 855 is definitely the best!

  16. I think they are all decent. Red is best but my initial thoughts of them were:

    Red: Sriacha Taco
    Blue: Mole Chili
    Orange: Curry

  17. The red one definitely tastes like a siracha dorito, the yellow bag had a citrus thing going on that I kinda liked

  18. I like the red ones… The mmmm spicinesss.. TVE blues ones to me taste like some sort of bbq..

  19. I tried all of them and here is my conclusion:
    BLUE: CHOCOLATE- Definently has cocoa on them
    YELLOW (ORANGE BAG) PICO DE GALLO…Has citrus flavor lime/lemon

    I prefered the Yellow BUT co-workers prefer RED- but states the are spicy!

  20. #855 . I really liked this one . Just enough spice to make me want more ! #404 was ok, I think it had just a bit too much lime taste !

  21. The blue Doritos Jacked bag has a little BBQ taste, but it’s a spicy Dorito, and I was surprise how you dorito guys pulled it off. I’m not a fan of spicy snakes, but when I took my first bit it left a burning feel in my mouth, and I can still feel the spicy burning taste. It was a whole new experience, and I love it.

  22. I loved the test flavor of 404 it had a surprisingly
    Good flavor plus held up to dip due to thicker
    Chip loved them

  23. I didn’t like 404 or 855, especially 404. It had an after taste that wasn’t very pleasant.

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