ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nosh Show Episode #29 – Ground Round

Peeps Minis (Sour Watermelon and Strawberry Creme)

In this episode, we converse about two soon-to-be-released Chips Ahoy cookies, cinnamon roll-flavored gum, Subway hummus, mini Peeps, and a Buzzfeed fast food quiz. Links to most of the products we talk about during the episode can be found at The Nosh Show website.

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3 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nosh Show Episode #29 – Ground Round”

  1. Great show! Where can we see the photo of the new Chips Ahoy cookies? I searched their site and could not find Oreo filled or cake-filled.

  2. Great show. I took the Buzzfeed quiz, and got a 57, which is higher than I thought I would get. There are more fast food/chain restaurant places here in Alaska than I thought there were. About half of my hits were due to travel in the lower 48.

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