FAST FOOD NEWS – McDonald’s Raspberry Sweet Tea and Diet Sweet Tea

McDonald's Raspberry Sweet Tea and Diet Sweet Tea

Maybe it’s the mid-80 degree weather I’m sitting in as I type this or the sweater I’m wearing, but I’d kill for some McDonald’s Raspberry Sweet Tea or even Diet Sweet Tea right now. What’s in the Diet Sweet Tea? Only the finest in artificial sweeteners, aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium. There aren’t any mentions of these sweet teas on the McDonald’s website, so they’re probably test items. If you’ve seen them at a McDonald’s near you, let us know where in the comments. (Thanks for the photo, James!)

Oh, while doing some digging, I found this commercial.

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  1. The Raspberry Sweet Tea was OK and I might get it on occasion but it doesn’t stand a chance against plain sweet tea imo.

  2. A friend of mine found a curly hair on top of her frappè from McDonalds. They apologized and gave her a coupon for 3 drinks but now she’s grossed out and has no interest in go back there. Go Figure.

  3. I had the Diet Sweet tea earlier this year at the McDonalds inside Walmart in Suisun city, cal. It was amazing i think i had 2 refills, Been looking for it at other McDonalds since, So glad they are releasing it Nationwide, now i can get my fix.

  4. These teas exist in the Indianapolis, IN area. I was there over the weekend and saw them. I’m from Wisconsin and they’re not here.

  5. I’m in East Central Indiana (Marion) and my McDonald’s had the teas. I tried the diet sweet tea, it was okay. Real sweet tea is better but I’ll drink the diet to save the calories.

  6. 1.] if you want diet sweet tea, order unsweetened with X amount of splenda/equal. we’ll even put it in and stir it for you…

    2.] i hope the raspberry is a syrup that gets pumped into individual glasses of tea. not enough counter space at any of the mcd’s i’ve worked at for more urns. plus they could easily add more featured flavors. it’s already somewhat common to see requests for strawberry syrup [from strawberry lemonades] or maraschino cherry juice added. or half tea, half dr. pepper/lemonade/hi-c. people come up with some odd concoctions but as long as we have the ingredients i’m happy to accommodate.

  7. I got the diet sweet tea tonight in New Albany, IN (near Louisville, KY). It was actually kinda good. The combination of sweeteners made it taste like honey. I’m not a huge fan of aspartame, so I’ll probably stick with the unsweet tea.

  8. I had given up my incredible love of sweet tea for dieting reasons. I was so happy to hear the announcement of DIET SWEET TEA at our local McD’s in Springfield, TN. It was cool and refreshing and met my longing, but it is very weak and thin tea, almost like a “green tea”. The taste of sweeteners resembles a slight honey taste.

    Will probably stick to my Diet Dr. P and try this occasionally.

  9. Diet Sweet Tea in Fort Wayne, IN. Very good! Artificial sweeteners . . . yes, but so does every other diet drink! I will still not drink more than about 1-2 a week, but I loved it!

  10. here is what McDonald said was in the DIET tea..For your convenience, I have included the ingredient information for the diet sweet tea below. Water, Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black Tea, Aspartame, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium….I’d rather have real sugar thanks!

  11. I tried the diet sweet tea in Anderson, IN I would always buy the unsweetened tea and have them put the Splenda in it for me, so this makes it a little more convenient I guess. Either way, I enjoy it.

  12. I had the diet sweet tea in Evansville, IN. It is very sweet. I will not order again; to many artificial sweeteners that literally make my stomach hurt.

  13. Sitting here drinking at Raspberry Sweet Tea I got in Bloomington, Indiana. I’ve also noticed it’s available in Bedford, Indiana. It’s not very good in my opinion. I don’t think they will last……

  14. I have tried the diet sweet tea. How ever I wanted a unsweet with splenda and was told that the diet sweet tea was made with splenda it was not I am a diabetic and thus so called diet sweet tea shot my sugar sky high

  15. I just bought the diet sweet tea from a McDonald’s in kenner LA and omg it was so good …. it could pass for real sweet tea … I’m hoping they keep it on the menu and I’m also hoping its truly a healthy drink

  16. I’ve tried both the diet and raspberry sweet teas here in Madison, Indiana.
    I think the raspberry is quite good, but the diet tastes abut too artificial for me

  17. I tried the diet unsweet tea at our McD’s in Sullivan, IN and I thought it was really good. I’m sure the unsweet tea is the healthier way to go, but if you’re craving a sweet drink, without all the calories, this would be a good choice.

  18. Ive had the diet sweet tea in Indianapolis, IN and its pretty good. Doesn’t have that super chemically “diet” taste to it. Im used to artificial sweeteners but if I didn’t know, I would have mistaken it for regular sweet tea

  19. I just tried the Diet Sweet Tea in Louisville, KY a couple of days ago, and while I couldn’t in all honesty call it a ‘Good’ *tea*, it was a quite flavorful, and sweet beverage, and made the taste buds stand up and take notice 🙂

    I’ve had McDonald’s unsweetened tea on a number of occasions, and it takes at a minimum 8 packs of sugar-free sweetener (I use a store-brand sucralose (“Apriva” from Kroger’s), not a name-brand) to reach a level near the sweetness of this new offering.

    I really hope they continue to offer the diet, as I’d much prefer it to the old, unsweetened variety 🙂


  20. I had diet sweet tea at McDucks in Franklin KY and in Bowling Green KY. I thought it was very good and I hope they continue to serve it. Just asked for it in Frankfort KY, but they never heard of it.

  21. Frankfort, KY & Shelbyville, KY both have the new Diet Sweet Tea. I like it. Sometimes it almost has an after taste but I think that is an issue with the machine mixing. The after taste isn’t always there. I’m not sure if artificial sweeteners are good or not but I like the idea of zero calories. A big thumbs up for McDonald’s.

  22. I have had the diet tea several times in Columbia Mo. I am already attached to this beverage and go by every day after the gym. Sincerely hope they keep it on the menu.

  23. They have just recently started selling them here in Dickson and Cheatham county Tennessee

  24. Just tried the Diet Sweet Tea in Hopkinsville Ky. and when I first tasted it I was afraid that they had given me Sweet Tea by mistake. However after a few sips I could taste the difference. Tasted like Splenda to me. Although I try to stay away from artificial sweeteners, I am on Weight Watchers and I was running errands and very thirsty so decided to drive through Mcdonalds and give it a try. I hope they keep it around.

  25. Just had the diet tea in Memphis, IN. Good taste – sure beats the 200+ calories of sugar-sweetened.

  26. In New Bern, North Carolina they have the raspberry tea. Tried it on vacation and got addicted. It is so good! Came back home to Charlotte and can’t find it at any McDonald’s around :/

  27. I was visiting Navarre, FL and saw the diet sweet tea on the menu. My husband brought it to me, and I actually thought he brought me the real sweet tea. It tasted like sweet tea to me. He said it was DEFINITELY the diet sweet tea! I sure hope the have in Jacksonville, FL when I get home! I loved it!

  28. Have had the diet sweet tea several times here in Sacramento, CA and surrounding area. I’m no connoisseur, but to me it tastes as good as the real sweet tea I used to drink in Georgia (I know that sounds blasphemous, sorry).

  29. I tried the diet sweet tea today.The Mgr. told me it was sweetened with Stevia. I want to do a comparison with reg. sweet tea. If this is how great stevia tastes I want my parents to give up Splenda!

    1. And the manager at my Louisville, KY location said they used Splenda in theirs! lol

    2. One person said their McDonald’s is using Splenda, another said Stevia. I suppose each store uses what they want. I think Stevia is a healthier choice.

  30. i went try the rasberry ice tea here in San Jose CA. It was horrible!! It is so sweet! I was wondering why my head and stomach hurt for the next three days.

    Actually, five of us went and ordered drinks for a dollar and three ordered the rasberry tea.

    Us three were the only ones with hradaches and stomach aches. The other two ordered cokesand they were fine!

    if I would have known it had aspartame and/or sucralose I would have never ordered!! Will NEVER order that again!!!

    1. It was my understanding (after asking the counter folk at my location) that the Raspberry Sweet Tea is just that, Sweet Tea, flavored with sugar and not a sweetener…

  31. Strawberry and raspberry mickey ds sweet tea in Emerald Isle NC. Hoping to find it waiting for me back home in Richmond, VA because it was yummy and only a buck!

  32. The McDonald’s diet tea is quite frankly amazing! I’m hard pressed to tell that it’s not made with sugar. Could it be a sugar/sweetener blend? I can’t find any actual nutritional information on it on line. Oh well, it’s awesome nonetheless.

  33. I ordered a sweet tea in Southern Ga.The raspberry was all that was available. After a few sips I thashed it. Give me the original any day.

  34. Had the diet sweet tea in IN and I could not tell the difference from the original sweet tea! So far not sold in IL. 🙁 A+ rating!!

  35. I have had the diet sweet tea in Rushville, IN. It taste
    just as good as the sweet tea, I’m concerned about the
    long term use of the artificial sweeteners .

  36. I love the diet sweet tea at McDonald’s in Memphis. I can’t believe it is not real sweet tea. I asked the manager what sweetener was used, because I can’t believe it is 0 calories!
    She couldn’t tell me. Her answer was,”They won’t tell us.”
    That is a little scary to me. I will refrain from the diet tea until I find out:)

    1. Nothing scary. As a former employee that brews all the teas in the morning, the tea that is being brewed is pretty legit. We use Splenda for diet sweet tea and White Satin granulated sugar for our raspberry tea.

    2. Same here in Austin, Tx. I questioned the staff to see if they accidently put sweet tea in the diet sweet tea. Wow, so good!

  37. Southwest Louisiana has diet sweet tea, and I love it! No Texas McDonalds has it yet…at least none of the ones that I have tried.

    1. I just found some of the Diet Sweet Tea at the Palm Valley McDonald’s in Round Rock, TX. I enjoyed it, but seemed rather heavy on the artificial sweeteners. I am an insulin dependent diabetic, so I may have to go with the real sugar stuff and cover rthe carbs.

  38. I saw a lot of signs and billboards for the raspberry iced tea and the diet iced tea on the way home from Chicago to Ohio. I was very disappointed when I arrived home and found that our McDonald’s don’t carry either one. Please hurry to our restaurants!

  39. I just bought a diet Sweet Tea at SIU Carbondale (Illinois) and it was reeeeeallly sweet. And also it came with no ice and no longer is it in a foam cup (I loved those stupid foam cups, darn it!). So, since it was un-iced (WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?), i just sipped it down a bit and took it back to my office and filled it up with some ice. It helped to water down the overbearing sweetness of it. It does have that sucralose aftertaste, but hey — I was expecting a bit of that. They could stand to use less of their sweetening agents in it and it would be better, and that’s saying a lot coming from me. I usually like my tea to be like liquid candy.

  40. I just got what I thought was regular sweet tea but it tasted like it had Splenda or some other type of sweetener in it. Diet drinks make me sick and I couldn’t even finish the tea. Idk if they put it out accidentally or if they’re not telling anybody they’re switching it but I didn’t see any label that said it was diet.

  41. HOWDEEEEEEE! I live in Kentucky and we can’t get enough of McDonald’s diet sweet tea!!!!!!! I get a large one everyday (light ice) – and the rest of my day is great!! So long “sweet n low”. McDonald’s diet sweet tea is “deeeeeeelicious”. YEE HAW!!!!!

  42. I went to get my daily cup of diet sweet tea yesterday only to find it is no longer offered on the menu in Lawrenceburg, TN. I’ve been drinking it for months and now it is gone!! I was offered unsweetened tea. My reply was, “no thank you”,and I drove away! Very sad to see it go, hopeful that it comes back!!

  43. We’re suppose add an entire bag of sugar which is why it might taste too sweet, but we add half a bag to save money. I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit sweeter:

  44. In Kentucky we have a “peach” tea. It doesnt really taste like peach but it was pretty decent (-:

  45. Does anyone know the calories in the strawberry and peach flavoring. I got a strawberry flavored unsweet tea and it seems sweet, wonder about the calories.

    1. to Kim
      I also got the unsweet peach tea and thought it was kind of sweet. I called McDonalds to find out if it had any sweetener but they did not know (?) I also wanted to know the calories in unsweet peach tea and still no answer. What’s up with that? Guess I will not buy until I know what I am drinking

  46. I tasted the diet sweet tea in Marble Falls, Texas, west of Austin. It was delicious!!! Please bring it to San Antonio!!!!

  47. We have it in Louisville Ky but not down the road in Lexington, Ky. None in West Virginia either. Guess I’ll stay in Louisville. I love it. The nutritional info is on the McDonalds website for those interested?

  48. In Virginia they had peach strawberry and the raspberry I tried all 3 flavors and I love the raspberry one I really wish they would come back and stay a permanent item on the menu!!!!!!

  49. I loved Mc McDonalds diet sweet tea. I wish you would start serving it again or give me the recipe. I used to buy 2 large ones every day.

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