FAST FOOD NEWS – McDonald’s Raspberry Sweet Tea and Diet Sweet Tea

McDonald's Raspberry Sweet Tea and Diet Sweet Tea

Maybe it’s the mid-80 degree weather I’m sitting in as I type this or the sweater I’m wearing, but I’d kill for some McDonald’s Raspberry Sweet Tea or even Diet Sweet Tea right now. What’s in the Diet Sweet Tea? Only the finest in artificial sweeteners, aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium. There aren’t any mentions of these sweet teas on the McDonald’s website, so they’re probably test items. If you’ve seen them at a McDonald’s near you, let us know where in the comments. (Thanks for the photo, James!)

Oh, while doing some digging, I found this commercial.

66 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS – McDonald’s Raspberry Sweet Tea and Diet Sweet Tea”

  1. Does anyone know the calories in the strawberry and peach flavoring. I got a strawberry flavored unsweet tea and it seems sweet, wonder about the calories.

    1. to Kim
      I also got the unsweet peach tea and thought it was kind of sweet. I called McDonalds to find out if it had any sweetener but they did not know (?) I also wanted to know the calories in unsweet peach tea and still no answer. What’s up with that? Guess I will not buy until I know what I am drinking

  2. I tasted the diet sweet tea in Marble Falls, Texas, west of Austin. It was delicious!!! Please bring it to San Antonio!!!!

  3. We have it in Louisville Ky but not down the road in Lexington, Ky. None in West Virginia either. Guess I’ll stay in Louisville. I love it. The nutritional info is on the McDonalds website for those interested?

  4. In Virginia they had peach strawberry and the raspberry I tried all 3 flavors and I love the raspberry one I really wish they would come back and stay a permanent item on the menu!!!!!!

  5. I loved Mc McDonalds diet sweet tea. I wish you would start serving it again or give me the recipe. I used to buy 2 large ones every day.

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