SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Doritos Supreme Cheddar

Doritos Supreme Cheddar

Supreme Cheddar is a good name, but Cheese Supremese is better. Honorary marketing degree, please! Junk Food Guy has a review. (Spotted by Alex at Costco.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Doritos Supreme Cheddar”

  1. My costco has had these for almost a year. They have replaces the Nacho Cheese Doritos and I could not be more pissed. They are not good. I wish they would go away.

  2. I bought some. They are OK but nothing you would expect. They taste like bland Cheeto dust.

  3. Agree with the other comments. Not very good, would like the Nacho Cheese back. If I’m going to eat bad food it might as well be tasty.

  4. As the other posters stated, it’s not as good as the Nacho Cheese flavor. I think it is because they removed the MSG.

  5. ya my wife said these were the same thing. but clearly not. I am really pissed too

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