COMING SOON – Red Bull Summer Edition Energy Drink

Red Bull Summer Edition

7-Eleven is getting an exclusive Red Bull Editions flavor. The Red Bull Summer Edition will be available July and August at 7-Eleven stores in the United States and Canada. The beverage will be tropical fruit-flavored and sold in a canary taxi banana sun-yellow 12-ounce can. Red Bull Summer Edition will join Red Bull Red, Silver, and Blue Editions on 7-Eleven shelves for a limited time.

(Image via Red Bull)

10 thoughts to “COMING SOON – Red Bull Summer Edition Energy Drink”

    1. OMG!!!! had one of the new redbull summer and it is freaking amazing!!!! i hope they keep this flavor around longer than the summer!!!!!!

  1. 7/11 has gotten a lot of drink exclusives lately.

    This doesn’t sound good though.

    The Green Apple Gatorade is great.

  2. Just had one an hour ago…only available in 12 oz size. Tastes like passion fruit Smirnoff vodka, I would rather go for the other flavors or original

  3. Bought this last night it is absolutly great taste, I’m not a big alcahol drinker but this would be great with vodka or Malibu rum. I’m a big fan of blue or red not a big fan of silver. I hope you keep this flavor in your line up some people here tried the yellow and they loved it and they are not redbull fans. My opinion is tis one is a keeper!

  4. Just tried it & I really like it! Fruity flavor & much better than the red, blue or silver……..little bit on the sweet side. Hope they keep it around longer than just the Summer

  5. I love redbulls total xero but I really love this summer edition! I dont want it to go away. Im addicted already. Im gunna have to stock up on it. They need to keep it year round.

  6. It’s all I’ve had to drink all week. It’s all my coworkers are buying now. Normally we have a “Red Bull exchange” where we randomly take turns buying Red Bulls for one another, and I haven’t seen anything but the Summer Edition ever since I brought a few in for people to try. It’s my favorite Red Bull Flavor so far. It reminds me of a Rockstar Mango, but much more refreshing.

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