FAST FOOD NEWS – Sonic Cheesy Bread Dogs (Garlic Parmesan and Ultimate Cheese & Bacon)

Sonic Cheesy Breads Dogs

About this time last year, Sonic Pretzel Dogs were making their way onto Sonic’s vast menu board. This year, it’s Cheesy Bread Dogs. Impulsive Buy reader David spotted the new line with buns that appear to have cheese baked into them at a Sonic in Cedar Park, Texas.

The Sonic Cheesy Bread Dogs come with premium 100% pure beef hot dogs and are available in two varieties. Garlic Parmesan features grilled onions and a garlic parmesan sauce. The Ultimate Cheese & Bacon Cheesy Bread Dog is topped with cheddar cheese sauce and bacon. There’s no mention of them on the Sonic website, so these might be in the testing phase.

If you’ve tried either Sonic Cheesy Bread Dog, share your thoughts in the comments.

(Thanks David for the photo!)

8 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS – Sonic Cheesy Bread Dogs (Garlic Parmesan and Ultimate Cheese & Bacon)”

  1. Hmm, Fuddruckers had something like this for years (or you could just put it together yourself over there) I’m glad though Sonic finally offers a product like this.

  2. These are also available in Wichita, Kansas. Tried the bacon ones yesterday. Not bad but needs more cheese sauce!

  3. Just had the Garlic Parm and once again, the bread was too squishy. Same as with the “pretzel” ones; it’s just decoration on a regular plain hotdog bun. But the sauce was good! Totally changed the experience…finally a new take on hotdogs! I wish they’d do an “Italian” one with spaghetti sauce…

  4. Tried the cheese and bacon one today in SE Kansas and wasn’t impressed. The chili cheese coney is way better.

  5. Tried the garlic parm today. It was OK. The bread was gooey, not really cheesy bread. But the sauce and the sauteed onions were awesome. Still prefer the chili cheese coney over any other hot dog.

  6. I tried one of each of these at lunch today. As Steven noted above, there could be more cheese sauce on the cheese and bacon dog, but overall they were both good. The bun is a soft bread bun, so don’t expect crunchy. The garlic sauce on the Garlic Parmesan dog was yummy! I am glad that the bun for it was soft because it soaked up some of the sauce that otherwise might have run out. They might want to make that sauce a bit thicker. I would get these if I wanted to splurge, otherwise I might stick with my usual New York dog.

  7. Wonder if they are also in Austin. I almost went to the one on Burnet Rd. yesterday to get a chili dog and tots. Definitely will remember this when I pass by. Might be dinner tomorrow night.

  8. Just had the bacon one. The bun is good. Not super cheesy but pleasantly soft. The sauce is awesome and the bacon is plentiful.

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