SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hansen’s Natural Kale Cane Soda

Hansen's Kale Natural Cane Soda

I hope the folks at Hansen’s perfectly captured kale’s bitterness and put it into this soda. (Spotted by Nathan at Sprout’s Farmer’s Market.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hansen’s Natural Kale Cane Soda”

  1. My husband bought this soda for me because he knows I like kale…in smoothies. The soda tastes like Sprite or 7-Up with a cilantro/green juice aftertaste.

  2. what does that mean Hero???

    These aren’t new. I sent you a pic of these months ago. There’s absolutely not a stitch of kale or kale flavour in this!

      1. no worries. you must get so many photos, i can’t believe you can keep track of what’s legitimately new, what’s not and weather you’ve covered it yet. keep up the good work!

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