FAST FOOD NEWS: 7-Eleven Doritos Loaded

Doritos Loaded

If I want a warm snack that tastes like Nacho Cheese Doritos from a convenience store, I could get these Doritos Loaded, or I could grab a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and stick it into the store’s obligatory microwave for 10 seconds. (Thanks for the photo, Jeff!)

8 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: 7-Eleven Doritos Loaded”

  1. Tried this, one of the strangest parodies of a chip product out there.

    Kind of like a sad turnover. Not bad, but otherwise toxic for you.

  2. Awful, awful, awful. Do not buy these. They are not full of ooey gooey cheese. They are super salty and have semi-melted fake cheese goo in them.

  3. Easily one of the grossest things I’ve eaten in a long time… And I love junk food. They were super salty and whatever goo is on the inside tastes like macaroni and cheese made with rotten milk. So nasty.

  4. It will sound weird, but try letting them cool for 30 minutes before eating them. The texture of the cheese comes out much better when they’re not as hot.

  5. There is like no 7 11 in Illinois which suck because i would like to try those i don’t get how there are 8 billion of the stores in Korea but only 12 in the USA

    1. You’re kidding, right? There’s over 100 of them in Illinois. Their website store locator is broken.

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