SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hostess Chocodile Twinkies

Hostess Chocodile Twinkies

It’s been awhile, Hostess Twinkies Chocodile. (Spotted by Robert at Jewel-Osco.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Hostess Chocodile Twinkies”

  1. Oh my freaking God.. I lived off these things back when there was a Hostess outlet store down the street.

    I was actually craving one several yrs ago; had no idea they were discontinued. Must.. have.. chocodile!

    1. Hi, saw your post about loving Chocodiles. I had been looking for them on places like, but all the reviews from people buying them always said things like they received stay chocodiles that were past the expiration date. I found the individually wrapped ones at a gas station here in CT. My son is in grad school and found a Dollar General store up around the corner from his college in New Britain, CT that has them (about 30 mins from me) . He grabbed three boxes for me at $3.00 a box and said they had about 10 boxes. If you pay the shipping I’d be happy to have him grab a box or two ( if they still have them) and send them to you.

      BTW I’m not looking to make any money off this. They were $3.00 a box and I’ll only charge you what it actually cost to ship them which can’t be more than a few dollars I would think. The expiration date on the boxes I have are Sept 28, 2014, and he said the same expiration date was on all the boxes they had.

      Thought I’d just help out some one else who was looking.

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