FAST FOOD NEWS: Jack in the Box Big Cheesy Burgers

Jack in the Box Big Cheesy Burgers

Jack in the Box is testing a new line of burgers with a new 1/4 lb signature beef patty, a new toasted gourmet signature bun, and “crispy melted cheese,” which appears to be a breaded gooey cheese patty. According to one of the folks who sent us photos, the new line is meant to replace Jack’s Sirloin burgers. The Big Cheesy Burgers are available in two varieties: Original and Bacon.

The Big Cheesy Burgers were spotted at locations in Fresno and Visalia, California.

If you’ve spotted them at other locations, let us know in the comments. Or, if you’re tried them, share your thoughts in the comments.

Jack in the Box Big Cheesy Burgers Flyer

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12 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Jack in the Box Big Cheesy Burgers”

  1. So, here I was, dropping a friend off at his place after a night of drinking. On my way back home, I came across a 24-hour Jack in the Box at Clinton and Hwy 99 in Fresno. Being a bit peckish, and with full knowledge thanks to this and other food blogs I read daily, I knew I had to stop in for the new croissant donuts. Much to my surprise when I ordered the donuts they menu board had a brand new item in the middle advertising these very “Big Cheesy” burgers. Of course, being the carnivore I am, I aptly chose the bacon version.

    Upon arriving home, I opened the box only to notice that Jack in the Box is now using these square burgers reminiscent of Wendy’s for these “Big Cheesy” burgers. I think Wendy’s beef has the greatest amount of flavor of any fast food restaurant and I could only hope that the normal muted beef flavor from Jack in the Box beef would be replaced with something more akin the beef patty they were trying to imitate. Lo and behold my disappointment when I took my first bite only to realize that the burger was still that lifeless muted beef flavor that finds its home at Jack in the Box.

    The deep-fried breaded cheese on the burger should be like a large fast-casual mozzarella stick, but like its burger neighbor, it too was too devoid of taste, I could barely taste the cheese. What really comes out in the bacon version of the Bacon Big Cheesy is the bacon flavor. In addition to the strips of bacon adoring the lifeless patty is a smear of bacon mayo on both the crown and heel of the bun. I was initially delighted to hear of the presence of the bacon mayo when I asked the person behind the microphone what items were on the burger. However, the bacon mayo and the bacon strips themselves meld and create an overpowering bacon flavor that completely ruins the experience. Because the deep-fried cheese and both the burger patty are so muted in flavor they are so drowned out with bacon flavor you would be better off just taking the cheese and burger patty off, you aren’t going to taste them anyway.

    The bacon mayo and bacon strips overpower the Bacon Big Cheesy. Jack in the Box would do well to use regular mayo, change beef providers (perhaps some corporate espionage could uncover where Wendy’s sources their beef), and change the type of cheese to something more flavorful inside the breaded deep-fried cheese. Overall, the burger gets a 4/10. Two points for being a burger, and two points for being hot.

  2. I would be really excited about these new ones if they weren’t doing away with the sirloin burgers, as you say. Their sirloin burger was my second-favorite flattop burger in fast food (the first being the Culver’s butter burger).

  3. Saw a sign for these at my local JitB in Farmersville, CA. A surprise in our tiny berg of less than 10,000 [near Visalia]. No price was listed. The 1st thing I thought was, I want a sandwich with the cheese patty and some bacon. I can take or leave the burger. Or even a couple cheese patties and some dipping sauce.

  4. I got the Original (no mayo) last night. I had just wanted a simple Jumbo Jack but then I saw this cheesy thing and couldn’t say no. I can’t give the best review since I stopped somewhere on the way home and then also had to do a few chores before I was able to eat it. So even though it was still warm, the cheese didn’t do the gooey, runny magic it was supposed to. Overall, I did like it. The bun was the best part, that’s probably why I got it, it looked good. The cheese was not evident because it had gotten cold. I will probably try it again just to see if it’s worth it. Plus, I got a coupon for a free one if you buy a large fountain drink. Done! FYI, I also got fries which I dip in BBQ sauce.

  5. Disgusting!!! I read the other posts but I still had to try it. Not worth it. The burger patty tasted like an old freezer burger. If they would have used the sirloin patty it would have been better. Bring back the sirloin burgers Jack.

  6. Just had one yesterday (Fresno, CA). The sign had me at “Crispy Cheese.” I’ve always liked to throw some extra cheese on top of my grilled cheeses and quesadillas to get that crispy “cheez-it” flavor. So I thought maybe that’s what this would be, cheese grilled on the outside of the bun, almost asiago-esque? I mean I didn’t really see it on the advert so that was my fault. Like I said, I saw Crispy Cheese and Bacon–I’ll take it! Unwrapped it and thought, darn it…they forgot to put freaking cheese on it! My patty was completely dry on top! What gives? Oh well, I thought, this onion ring is a nice added bonus, and maybe this bacon cheese mayo sauce is supposed to be the cheese? Any ways, I went for it. Grasped firmly in both hands and I took a huge bite! I looked in my burger box and there’s now a puddle of cheese in it. Where’d that come from? Did that that just quirt out of my onion ring? No matter. I scooped it up with my finger and put it back where it belonged…on my patty. Took another bite. It happened again! WTH!? I finally decided to examine this said onion ring and realized what I was staring at was basically a fried, battered, cheese patty. This…is…odd. This feels so wrong. Has our society really taken THAT turn? Is this what 2014 has really brought us? And yet…who am I to judge? I devoured the whole thing and will definitely be getting another one if the opportunity arises and they’re still in existence, because that just can’t be legal. I’m not even sure I’ll post a picture of this mutinous burger to my FB because I’m still not sure I want my friends and family knowing I enjoy this sort of thing. (*^-^)

  7. There’s nothing I love more than fried cheese. It’s delicious. I thought this would be a burger with fried cheese on top. I live in Fresno. I just had one.

    So, this is not fried cheese, it’s just regular cheese that melts, encased in a fried bread patty. Essentially, if you took the onion out of an onion ring and put that breading on top of a regular cheeseburger, you’d have the same taste configuration.

    There is a noticeably different texture in the mouth when you bite. You’re actually going through two patties at once. The texture and taste of the fried breading is the same as Jack’s $1.29 Chicken Sandwich, so imagine the FEEL (not the taste) of chewing that at the same time as your burger and you have a pretty good idea.

    As the above poster said, on the Bacon version, the bacon-mayo PLUS actual bacon make for too overpowering of a taste. There are no new flavors here, just LOTS of rich flavors we are supposed to like (beef, cheese, fried bread, bacon, and mayo that tastes like bacon). The problem is they all just fight with each other for mouth recognition and the bacon wins by virtue of having two votes. You’re left with an INCREDIBLY rich sandwich that’s hard to feel good about eating. The breaded cheese was really just kinda gross, and made me think about what a fat-ass american I am. I don’t need that when I just want a burger.

    I did get another coupon for a freebie and I’ll try the Original next time in hopes that without being overpowered by bacon, the breaded cheese patty will offer a taste I notice more.

  8. I tried an Original Buttery Burger from a Jack in the Box in Suisun, CA. I was extremely disappointed in how terrible this burger was. The “butter sauce” that is made up of butter and garlic was pink. No clue how it was pink, but that was the most disgusting part of the burger. The bun was good, the meat patty was dry and not very impressive. I wouldn’t recommend this burger.

  9. I was in Selma, California and tried the bacon Big Cheesy at Jack in the Box and was VERY disappointed! All of the previous negative posts were right on. The gooey melting cheese was neither gooey or melting and like an onion ring. The hamburger patty was square, tasteless and over cooked. And the bacon, and bacon mayo were the only flavors you could taste and were overpowering! To make matters worse, the burger looked like someone sat on it. Where’s the truth in advertising these days and why does the burger ALWAYS look better in the commercial or picture?

  10. well, they haven’t gotten any better. The bun was tough, the meat tasted commercial and that cheese pattie was horrible.

  11. I actually really liked it I had the original one and it was delicious omg I will be getting another one soon

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