FAST FOOD NEWS: Jack in the Box Buttery Jack

Jack in the Box Buttery Jack

Update: We reviewed them. Click here to read our Jack in the Box Buttery Jack review.

Last week, we wrote about Jack in the Box testing their Big Cheesy Burgers with a new signature beef patty and bun. Thanks to Impulsive Buy reader, bearslikehats, we’ve now learned Jack is testing more burgers with the new beef patty and bun.

The Buttery Jack, which was spotted in Sacramento, features a melted garlic herb butter and is available in two varieties: Original and Bacon & Swiss.

If you’ve tried a Buttery Jack, share your thoughts about it in the comments.

(Thanks for the image, bearslikehats!)

18 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Jack in the Box Buttery Jack”

  1. I’ve seen these at all of the jack n’ the boxes in vacaville, california as well. so probably a regional area thing.

  2. Good grief, they found a way to make them even more unhealthy. I salute you Jack in the Box!

  3. My partner in crime said that the burger was dry. The sauce that they put on the burger was good, but it was not enough to match the size of the extra large patty. The butter/garlic flavoring was also lacking. I on the other had had the croissant donut things, and they were pretty good. Reminded me of a fluffy churro, but sweet jesus the calories for that treat are off the charts. They are slightly bigger than a half dollar and pack a calorie count of 140 each.

  4. Had to change a light switch at my moms, so I picked up a couple of these on the way over… we both liked them, the bun is good, not Carls Jr good imo though. When I first looked at it, it looked kind of small as far as diameter, but the meat patty was thick(perhaps what lead to the dry comment above^). We both went with the bacon and Swiss, I found the bacon to have a fairly good flavor, but it was a tad “leathery” As for the garlic herb butter, if I’m being honest, I only maybe noticed it in 1 or 2 bites, it didn’t add much ;/ . As for the rest of the meal, their fries are better then I remembered, it’s about a 10 minute ride, and they stayed nice and crisp, the onion rings however, I don’t think I’d order again, to much breading. To end it on a positive note though, the cro-nut things are awesome, they’re fairly light, and not to sweet, very nice way to end the meal. I snapped a few pics I’ll send in to you

  5. I had one of the Bacon Swiss ones earlier today. It was actually really darn good but SUPER tiny. Maybe a little bigger then a McDouble. At $5 for just the sandwich, that’s pretty pricy. I really liked the garlic butter. They could keep that around and just put it onto other burgers and I’d be happy.

  6. I live in Redding, California where I was sucked in by the commercial advertising it. Garlic plus butter? I’m there! My first impression is that is was SMALL. Way smaller than the commercial leads you to believe. I was a bit shocked at that. It is smaller than any of their other signature burgers that is for sure. The garlic butter sauce is DELICIOUS and makes me want to just make my own burger at home and add it to it. I had the Bacon Swiss, and overall it is a delicious burger. The bun is soft and buttery. Not sure it is worth the big sized price tag though.

  7. I had a Bacon Swiss Buttery Jack today and I was totally disappointed. I expected a bigger, fluffier bun, but it was surprisingly dense, sweet bread and was much more brown than a buttery color and the burger patty was much larger by comparison. The patty is square & dense, but mine was dry. The 2 half slices of bacon were on the burger and the swiss cheese melted over that. The only condiment was on the top bun; it wasn’t a generous portion, and it was offset, so my first two bites were even more dry. The sauce is yummy and seems to be tangy rather than spicy, and seems to have small chopped onions in it. I was there at lunch hour and there were 8 people ahead of me in the drive through, and the restaurant was full, I expected to get a fresher tasting burger, this one tasted like it might have been sitting around a while. Overall the burger seemed plain and compared to Wendy’s square burgers which are made on-site from actual ground hamburger, this one was clearly beefed up with unidentifiable fillers. The soy factor didn’t register in texture or taste, so maybe they used a different product. I’d give it a 4, on a scale of 1-10. I won’t order it again.

    1. I noticed a lot of people mentioning that the burger was tiny. I thought that too when I opened the box, but the patty is thicker than other burgers, so let’s call it compact, rather than tiny.

  8. I had the bacon & swiss. I was completely unimpressed. I like a smaller burger, so that didn’t bother me. But, the flavor was not there. And it was dry.

  9. Flavor is good but the burger, on a whole, is very dry.
    Go to Jacks’s all the time, but sorry Jack…this is not one of your better creations !!

  10. I tried the Buttery Jack burger based on the Tv ads alone, and I feel the ads were accurate, it maybe the best fast food burger thst I have ever consumed. The bun was soft and buttery, tasty. My party was moist with the herb butter running over the side. My lettuce was fresh and all green however, my tomato was a little mushy which did not take anything away from the burger at all. I was pleasantly surprised to find a coupon at the bottom of my bag, for another free burger with the purchase of a drink. Guess what’s for dinner tomorrow. Excellent choice!

  11. I’ve had several of these burgers and love them. The garlic herb butter can be a little overpowering but it really adds a special twist.

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