SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Steak ‘n Shake Microwaveable Steakburgers

Steak 'n Shake Frozen Double 'N Cheese and Bacon 'n Cheese Double Steakburgers

Steak 'n Shake Patty Melts

I hope these frozen Steak ‘n Shake Steakburgers don’t come with frozen lettuce and tomatoes. Wait. I take that back. I hope these frozen Steak ‘n Shake Steakburgers do come with frozen lettuce and tomatoes because I’d love to see that. (Spotted by Kevin at Walmart.)

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32 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Steak ‘n Shake Microwaveable Steakburgers”

  1. I opened this post from twitter to say that no one wants frozen steakburgers, they want frozen frisco melts..and then I scrolled down and saw the frisco melt picture so…..I guess I need to go stalk the frozen food aisles of Walmart and hope they’re stocked in Alaska stores.

  2. Funny, I just saw these at Wal-Mart today too for the first time — they were all out of the Frisco Melt (my go-to S-n-S item) though. They’re pretty pricey, but I’ll have to try them once.

  3. This is the best news I’ve gotten since I moved to Seattle! I miss Steak n’ Shake so much out here!

    1. aaaaand… hopes dashed by one article:

      “The burgers contain the same amount of beef as their restaurant brethren, sans accompaniments such as lettuce, tomato and condiments, which the consumer needs to provide.”

      and the biggest kicker: “the frozen entrees will be available in Meijer and Walmart stores in 21 of the 29 states in which Steak n Shake has a presence.”

      So basically you’ll have to pay almost double restaurant price to provide all you own toppings, provided you’re living in one of the select 21 states. Huge disappointment Steak N’ Shake.

      1. Well, the are 2 packs, but of course you don’t get the side of fries. But yeah, I read that article, seems weird they wouldn’t have them in non Steak-n-Shake areas, as I think s-n-s is pretty well known (like In-and-Out or Shake Shack). White Castle sells their frozen sliders pretty much everywhere, and they’re great, too!

      2. ^ Seriously. Are people really this lazy? They can’t slice their own tomato and add a lettuce leaf? That takes about 30 seconds.

        Steak ‘n Shake is addressing a need state of convenience. Consumers are busy, on-the-go, and want something readily available. If they sacrifice a tomato slice, but still have a moderately satisfying eating experience, it’s called a trade-off. And if you want a tomato slice — take 30 seconds and add it. It’s not rocket science.

        BTW… how well do you think tomato and lettuce freeze? Not well.

        1. 30 seconds assuming one has tomato and leaf lettuce on hand, which, in most cases, would not be likely for the consumer targeted for buying frozen hamburgers from the grocery store.

          1. HAAH DYING-also-if you buy the above pack at the store, buy the lettuce and tomato at the same time? Just a thought.

    2. Just picked up some party melts today for the first time (Patty melt lover here). I too thought they were a little pricey but after getting them and seeing just how awesome they turned out, id say they’re well worth it. $2.50 for a sandwich that would cost 4 at a restaurant for similar quality. And yeah, I said that. I’m not lying when I say I was astounded by the quality. The very best “tasting” heat up sandwich out there for the price.

    1. I got a Frisco Melt last year & it didn’t come with lettuce or tomato. When did this practice stop?
      So does this come with the cheeses? Sucks there’s no Frisco sauce included & most people don’t have it lying around (mixture of French Dressing & Thousand island).

  4. I think it’s a poor choice to only serve them in the states where the restaurants already exist. Wouldn’t you want to sell them in the states that might not have a brick and mortar store, that way people can at least get a similar experience from Steak N Shake? If I lived in one of the states that had one, I wouldn’t be overly thrilled that I could buy them frozen, too. I’d rather have a fresh one if I was near the restaurant. Oh well.

    1. Frozen food is a market all in its own. These frozen items have nothing to do with the actual fast food market. Because fast food is a market outside of the frozen market, lol.

  5. There’s a Steak n’ Shake across the street from the Meijer I go to. I think it’s bizarre that these even exist but I think a wormhole will open up if I see these at the store.

    1. A wormhole? Actually your cornhole will open if you successfully digest this thing. However, waiting for this thing to slide down the pipes is another thing entirely. May the force be with you!!

  6. Just bought them. DISGUSTING!! DO NOT WASTE THE MONEY. The sauce, bread, cheese and burger have no flavor. The burger is not in any way shape or form a steak burger either. HUGE WASTE OF MONEY!

    1. They are so disgusting and the smell is horrible when they’re done. It smelled like a wet dead dog. I agree don’t waste your money

    1. I have SNS in my area, but it’s in a mall area that is a nightmare to drive through and too far from my work so I jumped on the froze burgers and melts. Sure I’d rather have it served to me at the restaurant, but it’s just not an option for my 30 minute lunch break. I loved both the burgers and the melt. The melt comes in a browning bag and you have to be careful to set it for 2 min., 20 seconds and not leave it in the microwave over a minute because the bread gets too crisp. For me it’s a great alternative for lunch when I don’t have time to make something at home. I have also tried Fazolli frozen entrees and they are good well.

  7. I have been looking for these.. but it defeats the point for me if they are only at Wal-Mart, as the only Wal-Mart near me is directly across from a Steak n Shake… darn.

  8. I would like to say that the Steak & Shake Rye Bread is amazing. The patty melt is perfect, except it can be a bit soggy on the bottom, which is normal with frozen meals. The taste is amazing.

    Chris R.

  9. Microwaves are not very good for burgers. How about selling some frozen Chilli Mac?

  10. Loved the double burger. I’ve tried White Castle burgers in the past and they were terrible. Steak n Shake has figured it out.

  11. I made the mistake of buying the Classic Double. The “meat” patties resemble all frozen burgers, they are disgusting and have a “char-broiled” flavor which is NOTHING close to an actual Steak and Shake burger. Then I noticed on the box they are mass produced by Pierre, and if you know anything about the frozen sandwich game they make nasty burgers. Basically you get a high priced, nasty frozen burger you could have gotten from a gas station. In other words, DON’T DO IT!!!

  12. I love the patty melt!!
    The microwaveable bag it comes in is lined with that foil stuff that toasts the bread, and 2 min 20 seconds gives a perfectly-cooked burger. The rye bread is toasted and the burgers are hot with perfectly-melted cheese and caramelized onions.
    The meat tastes better than any other frozen hamburger I’ve tasted. and, most importantly, it doesn’t have that rubbery texture that most frozen burgers have.
    These burgers lack the crispy-fried edges that make steak and shake burgers so good, but for a frozen sandwich in a box, they are awesome!!

  13. it was a brick inside a wet brick ,, horribe smell and worst taste cost me more thtn 10 dollars plus tax and i was so let down, i want my money back plus the time and enery i went through ugh

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