SPOTTED ON SHELVES: International Delight Nog (Classic and Very Vanilla)

International Delight Nog (Classic and Very Vanilla)

International Delight doing something that’s not coffee related? Or is it? Am I supposed to put this in coffee? Or am I supposed to drink it straight like I do with all the other International Delight liquid creamers? So confused. (Spotted by Lindsay at Meijer.)

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15 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: International Delight Nog (Classic and Very Vanilla)”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started selling Easter candy in November now. They’re getting pretty silly with the holiday pushing.

  2. I like it when the foodstuffs for a holiday is out early. Means we get it for a longer amount of time. Why would I want it only for a month when I can have it for 3 months?

  3. I’d love to put up a review for these products if you like ^^ Egg nog is my absolute vice.

  4. Safeway has actually had egg nog (Bud’s, Southern Comfort, “So Delicious” Coconut Nog, Lucerne) for about two weeks. Saw these today, and had to buy both. Disappointing. It says ” Ready to drink dairy beverage” on the carton. In other words, It’s not supposed to be a coffee creamer, but, that’s what it tastes like, especially the Vanilla. The Vanilla has the exact same consistency as their creamers, in other words, watery. The “Classic” is actually a little thicker & tastes kinda like actual egg nog, Won’t be buying again, especially since it’s $3.99 for a quart. Basically, expensive creamer.

  5. Welp. I caved in and gave it a try. Just like Rob said, it will be the LAST time I buy it too! It has a strange kind of thin, watery consistency to it. When I think of eggnog, I think of something rich and creamy and this ain’t it!

    I’ve never tried a low fat eggnog because… hey.. how often do we get to sip an eggnog? The once a year that I have it, I want the rich, yummy eggnog!

    The International Delight Classic tasted like some diet, low fat version of an eggnog.. yack, ack, never again! I shaved fresh nutmeg all over mine just to make it taste better and even that was a stretch. O’well.. live & learn! :p

  6. p.s.. Just wanted to add. I did NOT buy a diet or low fat version of the International Delight eggnog. It was their Classic Nog. =YUCKY METER: 10=

    1. I agree with you Sherry. Told my brother to buy me an eggnog with whole milk and instead he got me the
      “International Delight”. After 2 sips, I poured it down the drain.

  7. So glad I found this site before buying ID egg nog. Was trying to find a store that sold it but after these reviews I pass. Back to the Southern Comfort or WaWa brands. Thanks.

  8. BLECCCHHHH!!!!!
    Gross disgusting, most awful stuff I ever took two drinks of! After the first swallow, I thought, no way…it can’t be that bad. So I tried another sip. Seriously started gagging. Then looked at the ingredients. WHY would a reputable name brand make such nasty stuff and try to pass it off as “nog”?…making you believe you’re buying egg nog? That has no egg in it, let alone anything remotely healthy.
    I’m totally disillusioned with International Delight.

  9. As others stated above, this is NOT egg nog. The first ingredient is skim milk. Egg nog should not be fat free. There are also no eggs in it. So…what do you call it then, just nog? It also has the same plasticky aftertaste the other creamers have. Pretty gross. We threw it out and bought the real stuff. Ironic since the carton says “the real thing.”

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